Mumbai: Dadar cop requests action against illegal banners

Mar 15, 2015, 08:10 IST | Sachin unhalekar

A senior inspector from Dadar Police Station called up BMC ward officers and asked them to help him remove illegal banners from the area. All 16 banners belonged to BJP and were removed on the same day

While officers from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) have maintained that even after filing FIR against the culprits behind illegal banners, they receive no update whatsoever from the police department, the officers at G South ward were astonished to receive a call from the Senior Inspector of Dadar Police Station, who requested them to take action against the illegal banners in his jurisdiction. The BMC officers confirmed that it was the first time that a police officer proactively stepped into the shoes of a complainant and pointed out an important civic problem.

Illegal banners in the city. Pic for representional purpose

The incident took place on March 12, when Nishikant Patil, Sr PI of Dadar Police Station, called Ubale, Ward officer, G South ward, early in the morning to complain against the 16 banners at Sayani Road, Dadar West. “Till date, a senior police personnel has never come up to us with a complaint regarding banners. On the contrary, we often file FIRs against the culprits behind illegal banners but never get any update about the development of the case,” said a senior officer from License department, on condition of anonymity.

Patil admitted that it was the first time he had contacted the ward officer regarding a banner issue. “The banners were hanging loose alongside the footpath. There were 16 of them and all belonged to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP),” said Patil.

Ashok Jagtap, license department inspector, said, “Acting on the complaint of the senior officer, all the banners were removed immediately and subsequently, FIRs were registered at Dadar Police Station the same day.”


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