Mumbai drunk-driving accident: After whisky, lawyer had beer at Irish House

Jun 13, 2015, 15:05 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

Police claim their investigations have revealed that after consuming six pegs of whisky at Hotel Marine Plaza, lawyer Janhavi Gadkar went to The Irish House pub at Kala Ghoda and had beer there

After having six pegs of whisky at Hotel Marine Plaza, a drunk Janhavi Gadkar went to The Irish House pub at Kala Ghoda. This is what the police are alleging they have found during investigations.

Mumbai drunk-driving accident: I had whisky for fun, says advocate

Janhvi Gadkar
Janhvi Gadkar

Gadkar, whose Audi Q3 rammed into a taxi on the Eastern Freeway, killing two persons, had earlier tried to conceal her visit to The Irish House, telling police that after coming out from the hotel, she had spend two hours on Marine Drive before leaving for her house in her Audi Q3.

A senior police officer, who is supervising the investigations in the case, said, “The investigating team from the RCF police station had visited The Irish house on Thursday. There, they confirmed that Janhavi was present there with a friend.

We have collected the bill from The Irish House. After coming out from Hotel Marine Plaza, Janhavi had beer at Irish House.” The policeman further added, “After paying the bill at Marine Plaza, she came out of the hotel and called her colleague, a senior Reliance executive, and reached The Irish House in about 20 minutes.

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We have asked the senior executive to come to the police station to record his statement, but he is out of town. We are also checking the CCTV footage.” When mid-day contacted the manager of the establishment, he refused to comment on the matter.

Her car skidded due to rains, say security guards she knocked down last week

The Govandi police yesterday recorded the statements of two security guards of the BARC, who had a close shave with Gadkar's car last Friday (June 5), days before she drove her car in a drunken stupor, killing two people on the Eastern Freeway.

Last morning, the two security guards, Ajay Panchal and Sharad Medekar, working with a Bhandup-based security agency called Security Guards Board For Brihan Mumbai And Thane District, were called to the Govandi police station to give their statement regarding the incident which had occurred on June 5 i.e. four days before the Freeway accident.

The two guards told the cops that the accident had occurred because the tyres of Gadkar's car skidded due to the first rains. As per their statement, the two guards were on a bike that night and slowed down at the speed breaker. Suddenly, Gadkar’s car came from behind and rammed into their bike.

Gadkar tried to apply the brakes, but the car skidded and hit the bike. The duo was thrown off their two-wheeler and received bruises. All of them were taken to the Shatabdi Hospital in Chembur for a medical test. However, the Govandi police didn't register any case in the incident, as the matter was solved outside the police station amicably.

A police officer from the Govandi police station said, “It looks like the guards’ statements will help Janhavi, as they are blaming the rain for the accident.” Their statements have been sent to the RCF police station, which will investigate the matter further.

- Saurabh Vaktania

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