Mumbai: Duo killed dog to eat it at birthday party

Jan 17, 2015, 07:17 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Investigations into the theft and murder of a pet dog by two Manipuri men revealed that they had killed it to make dog biryani for a friend’s birthday

After two men hailing from the north-eastern state of Manipur were arrested for allegedly stealing and killing a dog from the neighbourhood, police investigations claimed the duo had killed the dog for a birthday party.

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Santosh Shetty with Bruno
Santosh Shetty with Bruno

mid-day had reported on the incident yesterday, in which the two accused, Lalaronei Inbuon alias Naonou (27) and Mishanbur Chinaupram alias Khokho (20), were arrested by the Vakola police for stealing the Labrador retriever belonging to Santosh Shetty and killing it for the meat.

The two accused have been remanded in judicial custody
The two accused have been remanded in judicial custody

According to a police official from Vakola police station, the duo work for different private firms and reside in Kalina, along with two others who also hail from Manipur. Sources alleged the group of four friends had killed strays in the past to make dog biryani, but since it was one of the friends’ birthday, Naonoi and Khokho decided to kill a pet dog.

mid-day’s report on January 16
mid-day’s report on January 16

It must be noted that dog meat is considered a delicacy only in some communities of Mizoram, Nagaland, and Manipur, and not in the “whole of north-east India” as is widely, and wrongly, regarded. To be sure, the region comprises seven diverse states, and cannot be termed as one monolithic group.

The incident
On Sunday, Shetty, the owner of the dog Bruno, who was killed, had come to his mother-in-law’s place in Kalina for house shifting work. Shetty had brought along the 20-month-old Bruno.

Police sources said the two accused noticed Bruno and played with it for quite some time at night. Shetty, too, had noticed them but felt it normal. When Shetty went inside, Bruno went missing, and was killed by the duo, sources added.

The source said, “The accused took Bruno and killed him with a technique used in their native place, due to which the dog dies in 5 minutes.” A grieving Shetty told mid-day, “I got married around two years ago after which I brought Bruno from my friend in Vasai.

I didn’t even plan a child; he was like my kid. I lost my family member. I should’ve kept watch on him that night. The accused should be punished severely and no such thing should happen in future.” Shetty claimed there have been incidents in the past wherein dogs and cats were eaten. The two accused have been remanded in judicial custody.

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