Mumbai: Gun-wielding man, friend flee after creating panic in Dahisar bar

May 14, 2016, 13:30 IST | Samiullah Khan

The accused hit a waiter with the butt of his revolver, which led to an accidental firing at a bar in Dahisar on early Friday morning. Police are now hunting for him and one of his friends

A gun-wielding man created quite a drama in a Dahisar bar early on Friday, with the police now hunting for him and one of his friends.

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The drama took place in Samudra bar around 12.15 am, when a fight broke out between two groups of men, which later cooled down.

Afterwards, one man from each group went to the loo and after coming out, the accused accidentally dropped his gun that was noticed by the other man. This created a panic. A waiter standing nearby raised an alarm and asked the other customers to exit the bar.

The man, who was in an inebriated state, threatened everybody present by brandishing the gun. He then left the bar with one of his friends without paying the bill. A waiter went behind him, asking for the payment and just then the accused hit him with the butt of the revolver. The revolver went off at the impact, but nobody was hurt. In this commotion, the rest of the group members fled the spot.

The manager of the bar, Shekhar Shethy, informed the police. Meanwhile, the gun-toting man and his friend took an auto en route Borivli. They got down after a checkpost and fled.

"We traced the driver by tracking his autorickshaw number. We have photographs of the accused from the CCTV camera grabs, but we do not know their names yet. We are probing the case from all angles — whether the accused belonged to any gang or political party, or are they habitual criminals," said an officer attached to the Dahisar police station. An FIR under the Arms Act has been registered.

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