Mumbai hit-and-run: Cops comb CCTV footage, but clues hard to come by

May 19, 2015, 13:46 IST | Shirish Vaktania

Over 200 south-bound vehicles had passed the spot after the mishap, and police are trying to trace these motorcars; CCTV footage confirms that victim had not crossed the road

The police have started to study the CCTV footage of the accident spot where Archana Kirit Pandya (22) was killed in a hit-and-run incident at Goregaon East on May 13, but they are still clueless about the identity of the accused. (Read the original story here)

Archana was lying injured outside Vanrai police station for almost 20 minutes. Archana with her brother Siddharth Pandya. File pics
Archana was lying injured outside Vanrai police station for almost 20 minutes. File pics

Police sources say that the CCTV installed outside Hub Mall along the Western Express Highway at Goregaon has captured images of a white car which had parked near the accident spot with its parking lights on, but no progress has been made so far in tracing this vehicle or its driver.

Archana with her brother Siddharth Pandya
Archana with her brother Siddharth Pandya

The CCTV footage from Hub Mall also confirms that Archana did not cross the highway, but how the incident occurred is till unclear. A police source said that a constable, who is always on duty outside the nearby Vanrai police station’s gate, was not present at the spot when the incident occurred.

Police theory
Earlier, the police had insisted that the vehicle had hit Archana on the southbound side of the highway when she was crossing the road. They had said that the (unknown) accused driver had left her on the footpath to die and fled from the spot.

Unhappy Family
Archana’s brother Siddharth Pandya told mid-day, “We are not happy with the police department as the incident occurred in front of the police station and the officers don’t have any information about it. Archana was the only person in our family who kept all of us happy at any time.

We have lost everything after this incident. This Wednesday, we will also carry out a candle march on the highway at the same time as the incident. The culprit should be punished.”

Archana was lying injured almost for 20 minutes on the footpath near the Vanrai police station, but nobody came forward to help her. She was taken to hospital later by the cops in an auto-rickshaw. A police officer said that if Archana had been admitted immediately, her life could have been saved.

Officer speak
An officer from the Vanrai police station said, “We appeal to the public to give information about the incident and come forward to help us. We don’t have any clue till now. We are taking help from CCTV footage, but it’s not clear. We have also interrogated many people including rickshaw and taxi drivers and vendors in the area.

We assume that more than 200 vehicles passed the south-bound side of the highway after the incident. With the help of CCTV footage, we will check all the vehicles; we are trying to crack the case. We have created three different teams to trace the accused and work on this case. We are trying our best.”

Apart from the Hub Mall CCTV camera, there’s another one installed along Aarey Bridge. Both cameras were installed to combat the growing incidences of chain-snatching that have been reported from this area.

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