Mumbai's Holi hooligans throw 'gulal' at moving train, kill one

Mar 25, 2013, 22:59 IST | Team MiD DAY

Victims on Thane-bound train say they were caught off guard when some powder-like substance was flung at them, making them lose their grip and fall off

Mischief-mongers once again threatened and claimed lives of unsuspecting commuters, helpless in the Mumbai locals spilling beyond capacity with life. 

Eight people half-hanging out of the train doors fell from a moving Central Railway (CR) train after some amorphous substance was flung at them. A yellow powder got into their eyes, leading them to lose grip and drop off the trains, CR officials suspect.

At least one person died and seven others were reported injured until the time of going to press. These victims were travelling in a slow Thane-bound local. Railway officials have surmised that some miscreants in a CST-bound train moving on an adjacent track threw some sort of a powder – presumably gulal - at them, which led to the incident.

Sources said officials would question inhabitants of slums in the area, which these miscreants could be from. The incident occurred around 7.45 pm, when commuters are wont to hang onto rods and footboards on the trans on their way back home. 

Further details are awaited


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