Mumbai: MMK College is making us pay more than double the fees, say parents

Apr 17, 2015, 06:59 IST | Shreya Bhandary

Parents of 40 students claim their children were asked to secure TYBCom admission under unaided quota and that they were informed about this only on April 8, the day of the SYBCom results

A group of 40 students from MMK College of Commerce & Economics, Bandra, trying to secure seats in the third-year BCom (TYBCom) course, were in for a rude shock rude when the college management asked them to pay fees prescribed for the unaided section, which is 2.5 times the fees for the aided section, which they had been part of until the second year.

“These are arm-twisting tactics implemented by the institute because they know that parents will not take chances, considering that it is the children’s final year of college. We wanted to protest against the management, but most of the parents gave in,” said the father of one of the students.

By Thursday evening, most of the parents had paid Rs 10,000 and confirmed admissions for their children. In the aided section, they would have had to pay only Rs 4,000. A few of the parents claimed that the circular, informing them about the fee structure pertaining to the unaided section was released only on April 8, when the SYBCom results were announced.

They added that the circular asked them to confirm admission for third year at the earliest. “In most colleges, students are promoted to the second or third year automatically upon clearing the exams for the previous year. However, the college management asked us to confirm seats for our children in advance. For those of us who were late, their children have been shifted to the unaided section, which is unfair,” said another agitated parent.

The other side
Speaking to mid-day, Principal Ashok Vanjani claimed that all SYBcom students were informed beforehand about the different divisions in TYBCom 480 seats in the aided section and 120 seats in the unaided section.
“We have six divisions in the aided section for FYBCom, which become five in SYBCom.

The students were informed that we only have four aided divisions and one unaided division in TYBCom. Hence, the admissions were kept on first-come, first-served-basis,” said Vanjani. The principal added that it was clearly mentioned in the circular that tokens would be issued to conduct hassle-free admissions.

“It’s not our mistake that students took the circular lightly, and failed to claim their third-year seats in time. Now, they are accusing us of keeping them in the dark,” said Vanjani. He added that even before the circular was issued, the vice-principal personally visited each and every SYBCom division to inform them about the aided and unaided division for TYBCom.

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