Mumbai: Municipal lab confirms presence of E-coli in water in Kalbadevi buildings

Jan 06, 2015, 06:54 IST | Laxman Singh

The bacteriological analysis says it has presence of E-coli which may lead to health complications, the chemical analysis also finds water unfit for drinking

A municipal water-testing laboratory has confirmed that water supplied to Kalbadevi’s Nar Narayan buildings is contaminated and therefore unsafe to drink. The analysis report states that the supplied water is highly contaminated and has presence of E-coli which may lead to health complications like dysentery.

 Over 100 families staying at Nar Narayan buildings were affected by the contaminated water. File pic
Over 100 families staying at Nar Narayan buildings were affected by the contaminated water. File pic

mid day had published a report on January 2, 2015 (Drinking water from our taps smells like gutter water: South Mumbai building residents) about the residents getting dirty water. Last week, this reporter had collected water samples from the four-storey Nar Narayan buildings (G and F wing) and given them for chemical and bacteriological analyses.

The bacteriological analysis report states that water supplied to both buildings has the E-coli bacterium which is a health hazard and causes problems like gastroenteritis. The water is unsafe for drinking. Even the chemical analysis which includes physical appearance, taste, odour, turbidity etc found the water unfit for drinking.

“The water is completely unfit for drinking as per our specified standards. The presence of E-coli bacteria in water is serious and a health hazard. Consumption of such water should be immediately stopped,” said an officer from the municipal laboratory near Plaza in Dadar.

For over 15 days residents living in Nar Narayan Buildings are getting contaminated water. Many had fallen sick after drinking it. After several complaints BMC started replacing the damaged and old pipeline which supplies water to these two buildings.

Now, residents are totally dependent on tankers for water. However, the BMC officials have still not found the cause of the contamination. The BMC is in process of changing water pipelines, which are from British era. The officials have a five-year plan to replace old pipelines. The BMC is also claiming that water contamination has reduced in past few years after some pipelines were changed.

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