Mumbai: Promising a flat in CM quota, woman cons friend of Rs 20 lakh

Jul 08, 2015, 11:00 IST | Shiva Devnath

When the Oshiwara cops registered an FIR, they realised she had already been arrested in Mulund for cheated an ex-army officer after befriending him

A First Information Report (FIR) has been registered against a 45-year-old woman who duped people on the pretext of getting flats sanctioned for them, after befriending them.

The Oshiwara police will take Kavita Desai into custody after officers at Mulund police station finish their investigation
The Oshiwara police will take Kavita Desai into custody after officers at Mulund police station finish their investigation

Smita, alias Kavita Desai, has been arrested by the Mulund police, while the Oshiwara police has also lodged an FIR against her. Desai duped a Lokhandwala resident, S Shaikh to the tune of Rs 20 lakh for getting a flat that she claimed was from the Chief Minister’s quota, sanctioned for her. She had also duped her of R5 lakh earlier for an investment.

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The victim approached the Oshiwara police, and lodged an FIR against Desai yesterday. Police said Desai befriends victims before duping them. In Shaikh’s case, Desai started the process of winning her confidence in the past year.

Befriending targets
Shaikh and Desai’s sons studied in the same class, and therefore it was easy for Desai to get access to Shaikh. She allegedly visited Shaikh’s residence in Lokhandwala every other day, and used to tell her family about her ‘contacts’. Police said Shaikh showed interest in investing money, and Desai took Rs 5 lakh from her for this.

She even gave her the promised interest for about three months, which made Shaikh trust her blindly. Desai then told Shaikh that she had a flat from the CM’s quota and it was very easy to buy it. Shaikh agreed to take a look at the flat. Police said Desai took her to a society in Andheri and showed her the flat.

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But before going to see the flat, Desai had told her not to tell anyone that it was from the CM’s quota as the society members would object. Shaikh liked the flat and so she paid Desai R17 lakh via online transfer, and the rest of the amount, Rs 3 lakh, in cash. Police said after that day, Desai used to avoid Shaikh’s calls and give excuses, which made Shaikh suspicious.

Shaikh finally lodged a complaint. “She behaved as if she was a very good friend of mine and cared for me. I didn’t know she would dupe me. I want justice and want her to be punished. I am shocked to know that she has been arrested in a similar case in Mulund,” Shaikh said.

Police speak
According to Oshiwara police, Desai has been arrested in Mulund for duping an ex-army officer. “When the Mulund police finishes their investigation, we will take her into custody and find out how many other cases she is involved in.

We will find out whether she was working alone or whether there is a racket and others work along with her,” said an officer from Oshiwara police station.

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