Mumbai: Soon, pay at least Rs 90 when you call a fleet cab

May 12, 2015, 00:26 IST | Shashank Rao

Large-scale changes in the tariffs of fleet cabs will ensure that you will have to fork out at least Rs 90 every time you call for one; auto, black-and-yellow taxi fares are also set to rise from June 1

The next time you call a fleet cab, prepare to fork out at least one big currency note. The transport department has approved large-scale changes in the tariffs of fleet cab services like Meru, MegaCabs, Easy Cabs and TABCab, which will see the minimum fare being calculated on a distance of 4 km instead of the current 1 km. This will mean that the minimum fare will rise to more than three-fold the current Rs 27 to Rs 90. The fare will be even higher for vehicles that cost more than Rs 8 lakh, jumping to Rs 100 from the Rs 32 currently.

Fleet cab

The fares, which are likely to come into effect in a week, will burn a bigger hole in your pocket in another way as well. The current charge, after the minimum distance, for every subsequent km is Rs 20 for vehicles costing less than Rs 8 lakh and Rs 25 for those that cost more than that. This will jump to Rs 22 in the former category while the charge for the more expensive vehicles will remain unchanged.

Fleet cabThe fare for every subsequent km after the minimum distance will also rise from Rs 20 to Rs 22 for vehicles which cost less than Rs 8 lakh.  File pic for representation

“The tariff of fleet cabs will depend on the cost of the vehicle. If the vehicle costs less than Rs 8 lakh, the minimum fare will be Rs 90 and if the vehicle costs more than that, the minimum fare will be Rs 100. The minimum distance that a passenger will be charged for is 4 km,” said a senior transport department official.

“This has been approved and now we are working on the nitty-gritty, which will be done within a week. After this, the new tariff will be implemented,” he added.

From June 1
Rs 18 Minimum fare in auto rickshaws

Rs 22 Minimum fare in black-and-yellow taxis

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