Mumbai: Uber agrees to compensate 66-year-old for accident injuries

Jul 07, 2016, 08:49 IST | Shashank Rao

A week after mid-day reported how Uber had remained mum despite repeated complaints by the passenger, the company offered to bear his medical expenses

Dealing with unresponsive customer care can frustrate the best of us, but if you keep at it, it will surely pay off. Well-known art connoisseur and gallerist Jamal Mecklai certainly didn’t give up after he met with an accident in an Uber cab and got injured. A week after mid-day reported on his plight, Uber finally decided to bear the 66-year-old’s medical expenses.

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mid-day had reported how Mecklai got injured on June 26 after the Uber cab he was in had suddenly rammed into another vehicle. He later sent emails and used social media to complain about the incident, but said he got no response apart from the Rs 100 fare being refunded by the company.

Due to the accident, Mecklai had suffered injuries to his knees, shin, shoulder and arms. Over the last few days, he had gone for x-rays and other check-ups as he was suffering from body aches. Finally, an official from Uber informed them, “We will take care of the medical costs and whatever help is needed.”

“Your article certainly got to Uber. They finally called and volunteered to compensate for any medical expenses. Though there can be no compensation for the pain and inconvenience. Perhaps this will shake them into changing their attitude,” said Jamal’s wife, Pravina Mecklai.

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