Mumbai: How will world's heaviest woman lose two kilos every day?

Feb 13, 2017, 08:20 IST | Rupsa Chakraborty

500-kg weighing Egyptian national, Eman Ahmed Abdulati (37), to be put on liquid protein diet from today in an attempt to radically cut flab before her weight reduction surgery

Eman Ahmed Abdulati in her 1,000 sqft modified room
Eman Ahmed Abdulati in her 1,000 sqft modified room

Eman Ahmed’s biggest challenge begins today. The 37-year-old Egyptian national, touted as the world’s heaviest woman at 500 kg, who arrived in the city on Saturday for weight reduction surgery, will be served only liquid supplements, beginning today. This, in the hope that she drops 50 kg in 25 days, otherwise an impossible task. Simply put, she will have to lose 2 kg every day to even qualify for the life-saving bariatric surgery she desperately needs.

Being lifted out of her home in Alexandria, Egypt
Being lifted out of her home in Alexandria, Egypt

Dr Carlyne Remedios, nutritionist and group manager, Clinic Practices, Nutrition and Product Development, Saifee Hospital - where Eman is being treated - says in the last two days, the doctors stuck to the diet - chicken, mutton and bread - she had back home in Alexandria once a day to avoid putting the body into sudden distress.

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The 1,000-sqft room at Saifee Hospital that’s now Eman’s home
The 1,000-sqft room at Saifee Hospital that’s now Eman’s home

But beginning today, all solid food will be removed from her diet for the next 20-25 days. She will be given only liquid supplements rich in protein, fibre and dairy every two hours, six to seven times a day. “Rather than eating once a day, the intake will be split into six to seven times a day,” says Dr Remedios.

The diet would address her protein deficiency, and its dairy and fibre components would take care of her calcium needs and improve digestive health, respectively.

Besides the diet, Eman will undergo passive physiotherapy - involving massage and joint mobilisation - to burn fat and improve blood circulation.

If everything goes as planned, then she is expected to lose 50 kg in 20-25 days.

Stricter regimen on the cards
Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, leading bariatric surgeon whose initiative brought Eman to Mumbai, says the weight loss is imperative to allow for bariatric surgery later.

“Owing to her obesity, she has been bedridden for more than two decades. There is zero movement in some body parts. So, with the help of physiotherapy, we will try to regain blood circulation in those parts.”

After she sheds some kilos, she will be put on a rigorous exercise regimen.

Photos: World's heaviest woman Eman arrives for surgery in Mumbai

Dr Shashank Shah, head of the department of metabolic and bariatric and diabetic surgery at SL Raheja Hospital, Mahim, says Eman’s organs like kidney, liver and heart need to be under constant watch, too, since obesity affects them as well.

Saifee Hospital has formed a team of specialists - endocrinologist, cardiologist, physician, dietitian, anesthesiologist, neurologist and nephrologist - under the guidance of Dr Lakdawala for the pre-operative procedures.

Foldable bed to come soon Eman will in five days get a bed that can be folded into a chair, which had been sent by Saifee Hospital to Cairo ahead of Eman’s move. The bed, gifted by a Mulund-based philanthropist to the hospital, was supposed to arrive with Eman on Saturday, but couldn’t be accommodated in the freighter owing to the space crunch.

“The current bed can’t be moved, but the new one will have joints to allow it to be folded into a chair. It will also help elevate her head with support,” says Dr Lakdawala.

Syedna to visit soon
Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, head of the Dawoodi Bohra community, which runs Saifee Hospital, is expected to visit Eman soon to bless her. He is currently out of town.

Digest this massive weight loss plan

Current diet
>> Chicken
>> Mutton
>> Bread

>> New diet starting from: 13 February

>> Target: 50kg in 20-25 days

New diet plan
>> Protein-rich liquid supplement
>> Fibre supplement
>> Dairy supplement


>> Every: 2 Hrs

>> 6-7 times a day

>> Passive physiotherapy (massage and joint mobilisation) to burn fat, improve blood circulation

Organs under watch
>> Kidney
>> Liver
>> Heart

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