Mumbaikars are getting drenched in the Metro and below it as well

Jul 04, 2014, 08:23 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

While mid-day reported yesterday that a Ghatkopar-bound train had water leaking from roof, it was observed that the Metro corridor is raining water on pedestrians and motorists below it too

Platforms, trains, and now below the Metro citizens have been drenched at all possible places on the Metro corridor. As the monsoon picks up pace, it has been observed that rainwater has been seeping through the gaps between girders on which the Metro tracks are placed, falling on pedestrians and motorists below the corridor.

Water is leaking from the gap between the joints of two girders, at several places on the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar corridor
Water is leaking from the gap between the joints of two girders, at several places on the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar corridor

While it may not be a huge problem during moderate showers, the force of the flow increases and is a cause of concern during heavy rains. mid-day travelled on J P Road along the Metro corridor between Azad Nagar and Versova stations.

We observed that at several spots, water was leaking through the gap between the joint of the two girders. During heavy rains, the flow is akin to a tap only that the tap is several metres above your head, which means that the water lands on your head with considerable force.

For an unsuspecting motorist going under the Metro, it may come as a shock, and he may also lose his balance due to it. On Wednesday, we observed that the landing force was quite high during the downpour. Last year, when the corridor was incomplete, locals had thought that the stream of leaking water was due to the fact that the structure was yet to be completed. However, the Metro has almost completed a month now, but the issue persists.

Paresh I, a resident of Four Bungalows, Andheri, said, “Last year, when I used to travel on my bike, I had to travel through these ‘showers’ falling from the Metro slab. I thought that as the project was under construction, this problem would be solved upon its completion. However, I was shocked to see the water falling below the metro corridor at many places.

During heavy rains, this may create a problem not only to two-wheeler riders, but also for four-wheelers and pedestrians. The authorities should have a proper pipe system through which the rainwater can be released directly inside the storm water drains.”

When asked about the issue, Mumbai Metro One Private Ltd gave an evasive and vague response. “Rainwater normally falls on the road and gets collected in storm water drains. Therefore, only rainwater from the adjoining areas is coming on the road,” said an MMOPL spokesperson.

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