Mumbaikars, here are two interesting walks you can sign up for this weekend

Nov 15, 2017, 08:11 IST | Dhara Vora Sabhnani

A heritage stroll will familiarise kids with a precinct where Mumbai's development began

Where will you find the city's oldest house, Asia's oldest newspaper, the first museum of Mumbai and its first planned business district? The answer is Horniman Circle. Khaki Tours will be conducting a kids' walk through this heritage precinct to help little Mumbaikars explore 500 years of the city's history. The walk is based on a chapter from the newly launched title, Totally Mumbai, by Pereena Lamba and Miel Sahgal. The book presents facts, trivia and history about the city to help children embrace its past.

Participants of a kids' walk organised by Khaki Tours
Participants of a kids' walk organised by Khaki Tours

"The book resonates with what we do. The writers want kids to be proud of the city and understand it on a deeper level. We picked the chapter on Horniman Circle, as other than people playing cricket, there is little traffic and less crowd on weekends, making it safe for the kids," says Bharat Gothoskar, founder, Khaki Tours. He adds that Horniman Circle is the seed around which the modern city of Mumbai sprung up. It's the core of the city. "Most people believe that Delhi can boast of heritage and Mumbai can't; we want to bust that myth. The city has a great legacy, and inculcating love for heritage among kids is necessary for them to make a difference when they grow up and become decision makers," says Gothoskar.

On the walk, the kids will be asked questions to help them understand the relevance of each structure. To top it, the weather should be just perfect.

On November 19, 4.30 pm
Meeting Point Asiatic Society, Horniman Circle.
Log on to
Call 8828100111
Cost R499 (includes a copy of the book)

What's under the sea?

Most Mumbaikars usually scrunch their noses at the stench that greets them near the city's sea fronts. But Mumbai has a thriving marine life that many are oblivious about. Online community Marine Life of Mumbai, in association with Trip 360, will conduct a shore walk to help you rediscover the city's ignored marine life.

under the sea

The walk will be conducted along the shores of Haji Ali, where the retreating tide will reveal rock pools and crevices that function as mini ecosystems. Participants can look forward to spotting sea sponges, different types of snails and sea anemone, hermit crabs and corals.

On November 19, 5 pm to 6.30 pm
Meeting Point Haji Ali shore, Worli. email
Call 9930086252
Entry Rs900

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