Mumbra building collapse: Couple who lost 3 kids blessed with baby girl

Apr 05, 2014, 07:00 IST | Richa Pinto

Jainab Ansari, one of the survivors of the illegal building that collapsed last year, delivered a baby girl on Thursday night; the couple feel like one of their daughters has returned

Just a year ago, the Ansaris, who stayed on the fifth floor of a building at Lucky Compound, Mumbra were grieving the loss of their three children. Yesterday, it feels like one of them came back, when Jainab Ansari delivered a baby girl.

Jainab (38) was one of the survivors when the building came crashing down on April 4, 2013, killing 74.

Baby girl born to Mumbra building collapse survivors
Just arrived: The baby is in the neo-natal ICU of DY Patil Hospital, since it was a premature delivery

Of these 18 were children. The couple lost Sohail (14), Shabina (14), and Shabnam (10). However, with the arrival of their baby girl at 11.15 pm yesterday, the couple have something to celebrate now.

“I lost three of my children and was also injured. My husband was not at home when the accident occurred, and therefore did not suffer any injuries. However, the feeling of losing three kids at once was traumatising. The new baby girl feels like one of our daughters who died came back,” said Jainab, who is admitted in Nerul’s DY Patil Hospital for the delivery.

Mumbra building collapse
mid-day’s report on the Ansaris yesterday (Click here or on the image above to view article)

The baby is a premature delivery and is presently in the neo-natal intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital.

Due to the C-section, Jainab would be required to stay longer in the hospital. The doctor at the hospital said, “The mother has diabetes and the delivery has happened in 32 weeks. Therefore she is not stable enough to be sent home so soon.”

The couple presently lives near Jainab’s mother’s home after the accident occurred. Even though happiness seems to have found its way to the Ansaris, Jainab still gets nightmares about the collapse and the bodily injuries that are a reminder of the accident. This paper had also reported about how their son Shahid was too depressed to go to school.

Still waiting
CM Prithviraj Chavan had announced a compensation of R2 lakh to the families of the deceased, while R50,000 was promised to the grievously injured. Records (copy with mid-day) at the Thane Collector’s office suggest that compensation amounts have been dispensed to 56 people.

For the remaining 18, the Thane collector’s office is waiting for the heir certificate of six people from their respective villages.

Deceased from different areas
Uttar Pradesh: 14
Jharkhand: 7
Nepal: 7
Bihar: 3
Andhra Pradesh: 1
Karnataka: 2
Tamil Nadu: 1
* Rest are from Mumbai

Collector says
“Whenever compensation of such kind is to be given, especially to people born in other states, the concerned collector’s office writes asking for a heir certificate to the collector’s office where the deceased person originally hails from, as a matter of protocol,” said a senior official at the collector’s office. Among these 18 people, seven were from Nepal, while six from other states. Five are unidentified till date. P Velrasu, Thane district collector, said, “The bodies of five people are unidentified; they would be referred back to the government after a reasonable amount of time. Seven other people are from Nepal and we have written to the Nepal embassy, asking about their heir certificate. Their response is awaited.” The last compensation cheque of R2 lakh was dispersed in February this year, reported officials.

Number of families to whom compensation has been provided, according to Thane district collector’s records

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