Mumbra murder-suicide: Ammi pushed me first off the 15th floor, reveals 7-year-old Minir

Mar 20, 2017, 18:17 IST | Faisal Tandel and Asif Rizvi

Minir Khan, 7-year-old kid who had a miraculous escape after his mum threw him, sister and herself off 15th floor, recounts horrific moment. The kid is inconsolable after seeing bodies of mother and sister

Hanif and Shirin Khan

Minir Khan (7), who miraculously survived being thrown off the 15th floor of a 24-storey building last morning, was inconsolable after seeing the bodies of his mother and sister just before they were buried last evening. They died on Sunday morning after his mother Shirin (27) threw him and his sister, Amreen (4), off the 15th floor of an under-construction building in Mumbra, before jumping off herself.

He said his parents had been fighting over something before his mother stormed out, taking him and his sister along. Speaking to mid-day from his home in Mumbra, Minir said, “Ammi and Abbu had been fighting over something all morning. Suddenly, Ammi told us we were going out. I asked Ammi where and she said she was taking us to visit a friend. Throughout the journey, she kept telling us how bad Abbu was.”

He then remembers being taken to an under-construction building. “She took us to the 22nd floor first, then brought us down to the 15th floor. She then pushed me out of the window,” said Minir. His mother then threw Amreen out and jumped after her. Both died instantly.

Seven-year-old Minir KhanSeven-year-old Minir Khan

Minir survived the fall after he hit a temporary metal shade first before falling to the ground. He was discharged from JJ hospital where he was shifted to from a local hospital in Mumbra.

As soon as Minir regained consciousness, he asked about Shirin and Amreen. His relatives were reluctant, but his father let him see them before the last rites were performed.

Irfan Tamboli, a family friend said, “We don’t know how Minir survived but we are grateful that he did.”

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