My boyfriend's parents are against our wedding

May 01, 2012, 05:53 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, I am 30 and like a guy whom I got to know about five years back. He is 32 and has been studying/working abroad for more than four years now.

We like each other but his parents do not approve of the match because we belong to different communities. They are totally against it. This was always expected to an extent but we had assumed they would budge if this was told to them after he had established himself in his career, proved himself, and so on. But that’s definitely not the case. I am also working. What do I do?
– Pari

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Pari,
Both of you are in your 30s and mature enough to know what is good for you. So what is stopping you? He needs to have a frank chat with his parents. There are so many inter-caste marriages nowadays. Initially there is resentment from the parents but later on thing cool down. You have waited for many years for them to change their stance, but they are not in a mood to. If you are determined and have made up your mind, take your relationship to the the next level. I am sure over time his parents will relent. Remember age is catching up with you. Best of luck.

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