'My guy is giving mixed signals...'

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I have been getting mixed signals from my guy. I just can't understand what is going on in his mind

Dear Diana,
I have been getting mixed signals from my guy. I just can't understand what is going on in his mind. Things were going fine for the first six months, but since the past two months he has been behaving differently. Sometimes he goes all out for me and then there are days when he does not even call. Then suddenly he will appear and sweep me off my feet only to disappear again for weeks. Our relationship goes through cycles of his being around and then missing in action. When he disappears, he does not even respond to my calls or SMSes. It is like he vanishes into thin air. He then suddenly springs back with gifts for me. When I ask him he tells me that he was so busy with work that he had no time to respond to my calls and text messages. Is he not interested in me any longer? What should I do? Should I get the hint and forget him? I am totally confused. At the same time he says he loves me a lot and is planning a future with me for sure.
— Suzie


Dear Suzie,
This guy is popping in and out of your life according to his whims and fancies. A relationship cannot last when one of the partners behaves in such an erratic behaviour. Your guy needs to decide what he wants to do in life. No mature and responsible guy would behave like this. When he disappears, you have no clue what is happening. Why can't he send you a text message to inform you about his whereabouts? It takes just a minute of his time. Your guy cannot be trusted due to his erratic behaviour. It is time he realised that he cannot get away with his nonsense and you have to make him realise it by giving him an ultimatum. This man is only there to make you feel miserable and lonely.

Diana will solve it!
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