Eman Ahmed's story comes undone: Sister levels shocking allegations against Mumbai surgeon

Updated: Apr 27, 2017, 13:00 IST | Rupsa Chakraborty |

Family alleges Eman has not lost as much weight as her doctor claimed, and that she has now started getting violent seizures, adding that they are being forced to go back to Egypt

The world believes it's been watching a medical miracle unfold - Eman Ahmed Abdulati, a massively obese woman from Egypt finds a saviour halfway across the world in India, fights all odds to get to Mumbai, undergoes a life-saving surgery and is back on the road to a fulfilling life. But her sister and caregiver, Shaimaa, who has accompanied Eman to Mumbai, shatters this rosy picture.

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Eman is set to leave for her home, Alexandria in Egypt, in eight days, but Shaimaa says her condition has worsened after her surgery on March 7. She alleges that Eman has been suffering from seizures every alternate day since - prior to her arrival in India, her last seizure was three years ago, which caused a stroke - and has stopped being her cheery self.

While bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala said he has fulfilled his promise of giving adequate treatment for obesity-related ailments, Shaimaa alleged she has been taken for a ride by Charni-Road based Saifee Hospital that took care of Eman's treatment.

Eman was in tears while complaining of leg pain last night
Eman was in tears while complaining of leg pain last night

Never-before seizures
Soon after her surgery, Eman was seen bobbing and swaying in her bed to Arabic music. Shaimaa claimed that that was the last time she moved, talked or smiled.

"In Egypt, Eman used to talk a lot and smiled often. She was so lively. But now, she has become so tired. She doesn't talk or move at all. Doctors told me her brain has been affected, but I don't know what the cause is as no CT scan machine here has the facility to test a patient weighing 250 kg."

Dr Lakdawala blamed Eman's homesickness for her sudden change in behaviour. He said she can be fitted in a CT scan machine only after she loses another 50 kg. "Eman has been cured of all obesity-related problems, as I promised. But now, she is suffering from seizures. We are trying to make her lose 50 kg more to perform a CT scan."

Shaimaa questioned the hospital's lack of preparedness. "Why didn't the hospital make arrangements when it knew it was getting a patient like her? Her condition is deteriorating as doctors wait for further weight loss."

She also asked how doctors can discharge a patient in such a critical condition. "How will we be able to treat her in Egypt? We stay with only our aged mother."

Eman has allegedly been suffering from seizures since  her surgery on March 7
Eman has allegedly been suffering from seizures since  her surgery on March 7

Did she even lose 250 kg?
Recently, Dr Lakdawala had said Eman had lost 250 kg since her arrival in February. Shaimaa punctured this claim, saying Eman was never weighed in the first place. "The hospital doesn't have the facility to weigh her. I am always with my sister. So, I know that the claim of the 250-kg weight loss is false. She has lost barely 60 kg."

She said contrary to her previous claim, it was Dr Lakdawala who approached her in Egypt, offering to perform a life-saving procedure. "I didn't even know Dr Lakdawala. It was he who approached me. He asked me to tell the world that I sought him out."

Shaimaa also alleged that Saifee Hospital hasn't made any special arrangement for her sister's stay. "I was told Eman would be given special facilities, but even now, she passes urine in her diapers, right in her bed. They had claimed to have installed a machine to lift her while cleaning her up, but it hasn't been provided." She pointed out that even Eman's bed doesn't make the cut; it's only 83 cm wide when Eman's girth is 113 cm. "She is in so much pain, she cries every night."

She alleged that Dr Lakdawala didn't allow her to approach any other hospital once he got in touch with her. "I had received help from hospitals in Dubai, but Dr Lakdawala convinced that all facilities were available in Mumbai."

She also said Dr Lakdawala even threatened to throw her out when she complained of the below par treatment. To browbeat her and force her out, the hospital allegedly even cut power supply to Shaimaa's room two weeks ago, which abuts Eman's. "I trusted Dr Lakdawala from Day one, but he took advantage of my sister's illness."

All lies: Lakdawala
Dr Lakdawala refuted all allegations. "She has lost a lot of weight, and I have fulfilled my promise that she would be able to sit in a chair. Now, she is suffering from neurological problems that don't fall under my supervision. She has made a video accusing me; it's circulating within the Egyptian consulate. The officials who helped us in getting Eman to Mumbai are so ashamed of her behaviour that they are apologising to me," he said. He added Shaimaa is putting on an act as she doesn't have the funds for Eman's treatment in Egypt. "She doesn't want to leave. We did our best for Eman," he said. He said CT scan will be performed today.

8 No. of days in which Eman is set to leave for Egypt

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