Neighbours kidnap, rape woman; attempt to throw her out of society

Sep 10, 2014, 11:26 IST | Anuj Ismail

Incident comes to light after few inhabitants of the residential complex discover three men carrying out an unconscious female resident of the same complex wrapped in a bed sheet

An appalling incident of kidnapping and rape came to light on Monday morning, when a few inhabitants of a residential complex in Ambegaon-Pathar discovered three men carrying out an unconscious female resident of the same complex wrapped in a bed sheet. One of the accused trio, who is a neighbour of the survivor, confessed to raping her while she was in an unconscious state.

The 25-year-old survivor was returning to her apartment on Sunday evening, when she was kidnapped right outside her doorstep. Within a few hours, her husband, Baghwat (30), reported her missing and registered an FIR at the police station. The culprits were exposed around 11 am the next day when they wrapped the survivor in a bed sheet and attempted to carry her out of the society. Society residents knew the survivor had been missing, and their suspicions were raised by the human-shaped bundle the trio had been carrying.

The survivor’s husband said, “On Monday morning, a society member stopped the trio and asked them what they were carrying in the bed sheet. The trio said that they were going out to throw garbage. Meanwhile, other society members gathered there and called me. I was shocked when I lif ted the bed sheet and found  my unconscious wife there.”

New neighbours
“The accused had moved in to a flat in the same building about six months ago. We never had any acquaintance with them earlier,” he said, adding that they had been living in the complex for four years with their two children. 

The accused were identified as Nilesh More (22), and his brother, Sagar More (20), both neighbours of the survivor. The brothers were accompanied by Dhiraj Danadal (20), who lived nearby. 

An official from the Bharti Vidyapeeth police said, “On Sunday, the victim had gone out to purchase a few items around 6 pm, and returned after an hour. While she was unlocking her apartment’s door, the trio came from behind and put a handkerchief on her face, following which the survivor fell unconscious.”

He added, “During interrogation, Nilesh admitted that they had put chloroform on the handkerchief, and that after she was unconscious, he raped her. They were trying to throw her out of the society when they were caught by the society members.”

Scared of being recognised Nilesh had allegedly raped the survivor while she was unconscious so that she would not identify him as her neighbour. It was for the same reason that the trio were trying to throw her out of the society before she came around and saw who her assailants were. 

She was taken to Sassoon General Hospital by her husband, and her statement will be registered by the police today. The police are also waiting for the medical reports before they can book the arrested accused under the IPC.

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