New features that set the Apple iOS 8 apart

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Apple's eighth major release of the iOS mobile operating system stands out due to several features...

Apple's eighth major release of the iOS mobile operating system stands out due to several features...

Better image editing features
The cropping feature now enables both clockwise and counter-clockwise image rotation. Users can also set the desired brightness and colors for their pictures. The Camera app now features a shot timer, which can be set to 3 or 10 seconds.

Apple iOS8

Improved Notification Center
The Notification Center now contains an Edit button through which Apple iOS 8 users can add/remove widgets to their liking. The 'clear' button has better visibility from the iOS 8 beta 3. Users can also directly reply to texts from the notification center.

Send recorded audio/video messages
Now, users can hold down the record button and send customised audio/video messages. Additonally added features for group conversations include, the ability to add or remove someone from a thread, share location in a thread, viewing all attachments. A special Do Not Disturb option has been added so that users will not receive notifications from a specific thread if they don't want to. Messages can bet set to auto delete after 30 days or a year.

Transparet design
Despite having the same design as the iOS 7, transparency and other effects have been added to the iOS 8. The multitasking screen now shows a list of recently called and favorited contacts.

Flexible keyboards
iOS 8 includes a new predictive typing feature called QuickType. It displays word selections above the keyboard as one types. The feature can be turned off in Settings, or hidden using a swipe gesture. Additionally, iOS 8 will allow users to install third-party keyboards. Many developers stated they would port their keyboards to iOS, including Minuum, Swype, SwiftKey, Fleksy and Adaptxt

iCloud Drive
iCloud Drive is Apple's file hosting service for devices running iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite. By default, users will get 5 gigabytes of storage for free, but this space will be expandable via subscription.

HealthKit is a service that allows developers to make software that integrates with the new Health application. This application allows users to track their steps, oxygen, sleep levels, and other health related data. Additionally, users can enter their medical history, so that the application can help serve them better. In a commercial for the iPhone 5S, the exercise song Chicken Fat is used to promote the new service

Split screen multitasking
A noteworthy feature is the new split screen iPad multitasking, which allows two apps to be used side by side, but will also let users drag images, video and text from one app into the other.

It resembles the features seen in recent Samsung tablets and the Microsoft Surface, the report claims. However, it only works in landscape mode, and is said to be targeted at the larger 9.7-inch iPad specifically, casting doubt whether it will work with the iPad mini, a report adds.

Wi-Fi calling enabled
This Wi-Fi calling service, integrated by Apple in iOS 8, allows mobile phone calls over Wi-Fi and is planned to be available for customers of T-Mobile in the US and EE in the UK. AT&T is going to launch Wi-Fi calling in 2015. According to sources, Vodafone might also provide this service to its Australian customers. Since beta 3, Wi-Fi Calling is available to T-Mobile customers in the US.

Siri more user-friendly in iOS8
Siri has integrated Shazam support and can output what users say as they speak for more accuracy. Users can also identify what song is playing (since Beta 4, Apple removed listening by default) by holding down the home button and activating Siri by saying "What's playing?". Siri now supports 22 new languages and it's possible to purchase contant through the app. Also, saying "Hey, Siri" whenever the device is plugged into a power source will activate it if the feature is turned on.

Sharing data between family members a possibility
In this new feature to iOS 8, a user can add six others as family members and they can share purchased apps, music, and books using the same credit card. iOS 8 can also automatically set up photo streams for all family members. Calendar-syncing between all members is also possible. Kids can also send iTunes download requests for apps, music, movies, and more to their parents provided this service is set up correctly.

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