Nine yards of joy

Aug 05, 2013, 11:05 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

With the festive season set to kickstart in a few days, The GUIDE visited saree shops across the city to find out the sarees on offer

The holy month of Shravan is starting from August 7 and during this auspicious season, there are many occasions to wear the traditional nine-yard saree. As it’s cumbersome and not everyone can master the art of draping it, city shops sell readymade nine yard sarees as well as Navwari sarees.

Shrikant Shalghar, owner of the 50-year-old Shalghar Saree Shop, says, “The demand for traditional sarees is maximum during this period as a lot of festivals are celebrated during this season. Girls like to dress in a traditional manner during the holy month or on special occasions.”

Navwari saree 

Readymade Navwari sarees are available for kids too (priced from `330 onwards) and for grown-ups, they are priced from `850 and above. The price depends on the type of the saree cloth (silk, cotton, etc). Navwari sarees are available in three types -- Bhramani, Peshwai and Lavani.

“The most popular type is the Peshwai as it offers a great fit and Lavani is in demand during college festivals,” adds Shalghar.

There are varieties of traditional sarees including Paithani, Narayanpethi, Irakali, Ichalkaranji, Banarasi, Chanderi and Kanjivaram, depending upon the material used and types of Kanth and Padar for the border. Usually, in such sarees, one of the sides is more decorated than the other. There are back pleats which are tucked into the waist. The decorated end is thrown over the left shoulder.

Ajay Jadhav, salesperson at the Kalpana Saree Shop points out while there are good sarees at the shop, people an also buy a saree and get it stitched. “You can then get the colour and the design you want,” explains Jadhav.

Vidya Kulkarni loves wearing sarees and conveyed that she buys Navwari readymade sarees during occasions from Parima silk or Shalghar as she feels that during festival or Puja traditional wear becomes befitting.

At Shalghar, Bajirao Road; Kalpana Saree, Mandai Road, Budhwar Peth; Fab India, near Pune station; Pratima Silks, Sadashiv Peth. 

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