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Apr 27, 2012, 08:00 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

The newly appointed and highly regarded deputy chairman of Tata Sons Cyrus P Mistry, who will succeed chairman Ratan Tata on his retirement later this year is already proving to be a worthy successor to his celebrated predecessor

>> The newly appointed and highly regarded deputy chairman of Tata Sons Cyrus P Mistry, who will succeed chairman Ratan Tata on his retirement later this year is already proving to be a worthy successor to his celebrated predecessor.

According to a fellow industrialist who does not want to be named, the methodical Mistry is preparing for his big new role by making some key changes in the composition of his A team at Bombay House.

“Every one knows that the heart of a large corporation lies in its HR department,” said our source, “and that’s where Mistry’s first new appointments are going to take place.”

You heard it here first.

Of home and hearth
>> All is not well between the mother-daughter duos of two of Mumbai’s most elegant women. Highly -refined, exquisitely mannered, hyper-sophisticated and educated at the world’s finest schools, the women, (who we are especially fond of) are rumored to have had a falling out over a gorgeous piece of disputed property. Especially unfortunate since property is not lacking on either side of the divide.

We hope good sense prevails.

>> Ok so after 25 years mercifully Amitabh Bachchan has been cleared of the Bofors stigma. And now the real culprits can be named. And though a certain Mr Q may never be booked, we think a few NRI businessmen might have a wee bit of trouble getting to sleep over the next few weeks.

We have a few guesses on who some of these people are. Now for the indestructible Ms Subramaniam to spill the beans.

The Pop Prince
>> Filmmaker, writer, producer, and director Mozez Singh who turned his back on his family fortune (he is the son of Delhi’s Tunoo and Maheep Singh of Ranbaxy fame) to live the life of an artistic bohemian in Mumbai has had quite a week we hear.

Not only has ‘Peddlers’ a feature film jointly produced by him, Anurag Kashyap and Guneet Monga been selected for the official competition in the Cannes Film Festival, 2012 but this weekend also sees him launching a Mughal Pop collection of luxe furniture and home accessories at the Good Earth.
Beenu Bawa who commissioned the new line says that she was inspired when she saw how he’d done up his own home at Cuffe Parade. “It was funky stylish and very appealing.” She told us. “And I knew that he was the right person to design accent pieces for us.”

Hence Mughal Pop. The invitation to which reads, “The lights went down, the beats cranked up, like a feral beast the Mughal Empress crawled…”
We like!

The ladies of Sobo
>> My gorgeous Nibling (a word I picked up from Facebook to describe lovely nieces and nephews) the smart and savvy entrepreneur Ruchika Bhojwani hosted a champagne brunch to showcase her latest business venture for a slice of some of Sobo’s most delicious women yesterday.

They were all there, the bold and the beautiful, the sleek and the spunky and the congenitally fashionable. Ladies who lunch, ladies who munch and ladies whose idea of a balanced meal is two vodkas followed by a Martini!

We love them all.

There were has-beens, wanna-be’s and a few Queen Bees. Ladies who run empires and ladies in empire waists. Ladies who’ve just won the right to wear bras and ladies who can’t wait to give up theirs.

Ladies who whine and ladies who wine. Abstemious ladies and ladies who indulge. Thin ladies, who think they’re fat, fat ladies who think they’re thin and in -between ladies who know that God lies in a good corset.

This was a sampling of Sobo’s finest ladies: Confident, vulnerable, battle-weary, entitled, cool, overwrought, over worked, ambitious, laid-back and up beat.

Between them they could tell you some of the city’s finest secrets: where to get the best massages, which stocks to invest in, which Mumbai author will win this year’s Booker, who serves the finest prime cuts, where to buy gold, which back street in Crawford market stock the latest electronics and of course which bootlegger offers the best rates on champagne.

We believe there are no better ladies than the ladies of Sobo. Especially on a summer afternoon, especially when there are champagne Bellini’s at hand and especially when it’s a party hosted by your very own Nibling who mercifully has inherited her business sense from her father’s side of the family. (Though she does have a degree in Psychology -which comes in handy for the side we come from we think!)

Separated at the Kumbh Mela

>> The indefatigable Neeraj Maheshwari continues to supply us with a steady stream of people who look like they were part of a Manmohan Desai film script: long lost twins separated at a village mela: this week we present American actor, director, producer and screenwriter Mark Ruffalo (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and his Indian counterpart Randeep Hooda (Once upon a time in Mumbai) 

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