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Oct 10, 2012, 07:33 IST | Soma Das is a website that acts as a platform for parents to communicate, seek expert opinion, access blogs and look at parenting with a fresh, open mind

When Nitin Pandey, the founder of, was working in the field of education, one of the challenges, which he noticed was that the development of a child could not be left to the school or preschool. “Parents play the most important role in the holistic development of the child. An incident reinforced my belief when I met a friend of mine who wanted to change his child’s school as he felt his kid was missing on his childhood amidst the school pressure,”says Pandey.

Start something
It inspired Pandey to start Parentune a month back, a website that aims at helping parents by answering their queries and connecting them to experts and other parents. The site offers facilities including Parent Talk where parents can post a discussion pertaining to any specific category/areas of interest. The talk is open to parents and experts, who can give their suggestions. They also have a section for parents to review products and services. Apart from this there are parenting blogs which include relevant articles put together by experts, a section dedicated to education and nutrition and polls on the latest trends in parent and child-related activities.

Some of the topics that are covered include clinical and childpsychology, vaccinations, oral care, child development and education and taking care of children with special needs. “Every bit of information on the site is specific and aids in quality development of the child. We ensure that only real and verified parents can become members on the site. We also have special widgets and applications created for parents and we also ensure the privacy settings are enforced. Every registered parent can decide before making any specific content they post visible to either all the fellow parents or just to their specific circle of fellow parents,” adds Pandey.

Pandey began as a management professional and has contributed to premiere B-Schools of India. He started his profession in childhood development and education in 2008 and since then, has worked on early years learning and development and school solutions. He has also authored case studies and case analysis with top B-schools. For the purpose of the website, one-on-one interactions with parents were conducted across the country.

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