NOBLE ACT: Reformed thief donates kidney to atone for his violent past

Mar 11, 2014, 11:10 IST | Agencies

Peter Farrell is one of the first good Samaritan donors in Britain to choose who receives his organ

London: A reformed thug donated his kidney to a mother of three kids, in an attempt to atone for his violent past. Peter Farrell (42), admitted he was still haunted by the fact that as a young man he would beat up men who owed him money, and on one occasion was seen doing so by his victim’s young son.

The incident shocked him into renouncing violence, but he wanted to make up for his actions by donating one of his kidneys to Saira Khan (41) — becoming one of Britain’s first good Samaritan donors.

Farrell underwent the operation last month, saying he wanted to fulfill a promise made to his grandmother, who died 10 years ago, that he would do something good in his life after his violent actions as a younger man. “I was very cruel. I used to hurt people. I used to beat up people for money,” he said. 

Mr Farrell said donating his kidney had brought him closer to his family, and had made them proud of him.

Mrs Khan, who suffered from kidney failure, had been searching for a donor since 2011, even advertising online in her attempt to find one. Members of her family, including her solicitor husband Omar, were tested to see if they were a match, but none were.

Farrell, who has worked as a barman and builder, did not know Mrs Khan, from south London, although he had met her Mr Khan previously. Khan had mentioned his wife’s illness, prompting Mr Farrell to take action to help her, and he is one of the first donors in the country to choose which stranger is given an organ.

Mrs Khan, who has three children aged nine, four and three, is now recovering from her surgery on February 12, at St George’s Hospital, Tooting.

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