Now, Indian writers can go the e-book way without any hassles

Feb 26, 2014, 09:55 IST | Kanika Sharma

e-Books India is a new online magazine that aspires to be the go-to portal for aspiring and established writers who want
to self publish themselves through e-books

As famous writers of the likes of John Grisham and Neil Gaiman choose to self-publish the e-book way, the world of books is in a tizzy. Now, Indian writers can rejoice as an online magazine called e-Books India will aid one and all in writing and publishing in a digital world.

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Hiten Vyas, founder of the portal, says, “What led me to this concept is a strong passion for writing. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that the publishing industry in India is slowly changing. Digital publishing in the form of e-Books is starting to become more popular.” Vyas conveys that he himself has self-published about 30 e-books and feels that this is the way of the future.

Hiten Vyas

“Recent figures from suggest that in India, nearly 20% of titles in the top 100 e-Books in any given week, are self-published. Overall, the eBooks industry in India is still at a very early stage, with sales of e-Books making up around 1% of all books sold,” informs Vyas. He adds that with the use of tablets and smartphones increasing constantly across the country, this figure has the potential to increase very quickly and dramatically. The magazine will dole out tips and advice, help writers across India to write better, and take advantage of the benefits that self-publishing eBooks can offer them, “a major one being getting their work in front of readers not only in India but across the whole world,” in Vyas’ words.

As Amish Tripathi had once averred, “This is the age of money”, highlighting the importance of marketing for one’s book. Vyas has taken note. He believes that once the book is finished the writer needs to don his business persona. “(They) need to reach out to readers who might be interested in purchasing their work. Therefore, a lot of our content is geared towards helping them market themselves to appropriate audiences through the use of social media, blogging strategies, eye-catching eBook cover designs, and creating partnerships with retailers who can help to sell e-Books on behalf of the writers,” concludes the writer-businessman.

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