Now, order a copy of 'yourself' on Amazon

Jul 30, 2014, 06:04 IST | Agencies

The firm is selling 3D printed bobble head toys that buyers can customise to look like themselves

London It is the ultimate in personalised toys — a dancing bobble head toy that looks exactly like you.

3D printed bobble
Mini-me: At just 3 inches tall, the figure’s material ‘feels like unglazed ceramics’. The surface texture is slightly sandy, like fine dry coral or sandstone. Representation pic/Thinkstock

Amazon recently launched a new 3D printing service that allows customers to design toys to look like themselves — and is also giving people the charge to design their own jewellery. The toys are provided by Mixee.

Most of the more than 200 items available on the company’s new 3D printed products store, which launched on Monday, can be customised using a new feature that allows users to rotate and change the item they are viewing.

Before it is printed by one of the firm’s third-party sellers, users can customise a product like a bobble head figure by changing its skin and eye colour, hair style and outfit, Amazon said.

“The introduction of our 3D printed products store suggests the beginnings of a shift in online retail — that manufacturing can be more nimble to provide an immersive customer experience. Sellers, in alignment with designers and manufacturers, can offer more dynamic inventory for customers to personalise and truly make their own,” said Petra Schindler-Carter, director for Amazon Marketplace Sales.

She added that the 3D printed products store allows the firm to help sellers, designers and manufacturers reach millions of customers, while providing a fun and creative customer experience to personalise a potentially infinite number of products at great prices across many categories.

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