Now, touch to call a cab

Jan 23, 2014, 10:57 IST | The GUIDE Team

Download the app from the Web to book a cab from your smartphone to skip taxi woes  

Do you face difficulty finding a cab to office or work? Is the short distance making it difficult to hire a cab? Download the app, which offers everything that the radio cab service website, does but with the option of book ing a cab without going online.

The app comes with an in-built map that can be used to select the pick-up point and destination, and confirm your booking using an SMS.

The app gives you real-time updates on the driver’s location from the pick-up point

And, in case you are online, it will give you real-time update — 45 minutes prior to the scheduled slot — on your
driver’s locations, his contact number and car registration number.

The map also enables you to select your location as the pick-up point on the map itself. It also comes with an-in-built faremeter to ensure you are not taken for a ride.

So, no more waiting for customer care representatives or worrying about an Internet connection, just select the
origin and destination point, the date of journey, and you are ready to go anywhere within the city.

Available At: Google Play Store
Price: Free

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