Now you can 'torch' your eggs

May 28, 2014, 11:12 IST | Agencies

Researchers in Shanghai have made a flashlight, which is 20,000 times more powerful than a standard bulb

London: Torches are essential for power cuts and camping trips in the great outdoors. And now there’s a powerful offering that beams white light so strong that it can fry an egg and start a small fire.

The Flashtorch is rugged enough for a trip with Bear Grylls as it is made from military-grade anodised aluminium and its creators claim it can survive in the harshest of environments.

Representation pic/Thinkstock

Made by Wicked Lasers in Shanghai, the torch beams white light at 4,100 lumens, which is enough to melt a plastic cup and set a polystyrene plate alight.

It can also be used to illuminate large areas to give an adventurer a clear look at their surroundings at night.

The torch is adjustable so that users can choose to light a wide area or focus the powerful beam onto a single spot.

The light is funnelled through a reflector channel in the torch, which exits through a heat-resistant lens. It has three power modes so the brightness can be tailored to a user’s needs.

The battery can deliver between 10 and 40 minutes of continuous use, depending on the power setting, while the halogen bulb has a 2,000-hour life so users will not have to replace them frequently.

The torch can be recharged without having to remove the lithium-ion battery and an ‘automatic lock-out mode’ means that it cannot be accidentally activated and burn a hole in a backpack.

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