One hundred days of art: #The100DayProject Mumbai Meetup

Aug 23, 2015, 09:38 IST | Benita Fernando

A graphic designer and urban gardener on bringing together her twin passions in the #The100DayProject

I have killed a lot of plants. But that’s how you learn, I guess,” confesses Pavithra Dikshit, typographer, graphic designer and urban gardener. Peering into the 80-planter strong terrace garden of her bungalow, the Chembur resident was sure that gardening experiences told through a series of illustrations would be her contribution to #The100DayProject. “Any time I have a sad moment, I just step into my garden. It is my happy place,” she says.

#The100DayProject is a global Instagram movement initiated by acclaimed American designer and writer Elle Luna along with The Great Discontent, a creativity magazine. This year, the movement ran from April 6 to July 14, asking people one simple question: What could you do with 100 days of making? Dikshit was one of many across the world, who ran this marathon creativity race, adding a daily post to the DIY hashtag.

Pavithra Dikshit’s post on Day 96  was dedi-cated to her rain-drenched garden
Pavithra Dikshit’s post on Day 96  was dedi-cated to her rain-drenched garden

Her eponymous Instagram account drew from her love for vegetation and became a collection of watercolours, minimalist papercuts, sketches and #fromwhereistand (a top view of your feet and objects). Soon, her project attracted both illustrators and potential gardeners, admiring her skill and green thumb. “Little tips like not over-watering coriander saplings or watering with vegetable stock, go a long way. I just wanted to show how simple gardening is and the very little time it demands,” shares Dikshit. Spending 40 minutes a day, and more on weekends, in her terrace garden and backyard, Dikshit believes that lack of open spaces is no excuse to not having a little garden of your own. “Even a window or a balcony, will do. It’s amazing how a garden can transform a place.”

Pavithra Dikshit
Pavithra Dikshit

As one of those who completed the challenge (many give up or prolong like in real world marathons), Dikshit has been chosen by The Great Discontent to host a city meet-up for those who joined #The100DayProject. The challenge of the 100 days is not just to complete, but to complete well. “After the 50th day, I hit a block. It’s gruelling since you need to take time out from your schedule. But it made me pay attention to design details and stay focused on goals,” says Dikshit. And, for those who think that sharing 100 gardening illustrations is tough, Diskshit asks you to consider participants who posted
a stop motion animation film or a haiku every day. For a hundred days.

#The100DayProject Mumbai Meetup
Where: Gostana, Prabhat Kunj, 24th Road, Bandra West
When: 4.30 PM
Call: 9820520577

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