One night with Linkin Park's One More Light

May 20, 2017, 08:26 IST | Tanishka Sodhi

Linkin' Park's new studio album is wildly different from what they have done in the past

City-based Nu-Metal band, Anthracite, performing at the album launch
City-based Nu-Metal band, Anthracite, performing at the album launch

Linkin Park's much-awaited new album, One More Light, is a brave step away from what they are known for. Trading in their guitars for synchronised melodies, moody alternative pop dynamics and quirky production touches, they have crafted an inspiring, muddled labour of love. The band's Indian fans got to listen to the album a day before the worldwide release, at a Juhu lounge.

Anthracite, a city based rap rock/ Nu-Metal band performed a tribute to Linkin Park. With their high energy levels and heavy rock form, they set the crowd into the kind of frenzy only rock-metal music can. Sharukh, a 25-year-old guitarist who played a few songs with the band on Thursday night, said, "The music from the new album is quite unlike their usual work, but I don't hate them for it. Instead, I respect them for adapting to current trends."

If you told any nu-metal fan a few years ago that Linkin Park would release a song like Battle Sympony, they would have head banged their way away from you. Though the song is rich in lyrics and melody, it lacks the aggression and style that fans expect. The first single from the album, Heavy, featuring vocalist-songwriter Kiiara could pass off as any pop song playing on the radio.

One More Light is a far cry from the howling rap metal of the band's breakthrough album, Hybrid Theory. Amid accusations of selling out to pop and current trends, the band members are clear about not wanting to be bound to a genre. This album is a reflection of the personal changes that the band members have gone through and a testament to the experiences that have moulded their musical inclinations. We can only wait and see how their fans take to this.

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