Pakistani heart-throb Fawad Khan opens up about why he keeps mum

Feb 18, 2017, 06:00 IST | mid-day online correspondent

'Pakistani poster boy' Fawad Khan in a candid interview talks about his Bollywood friends, being banned in India and why he thinks he should speak less

Fawad Khan
Fawad Khan

Pakistani heart-throb Fawad Khan has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons, and through no fault of his. Fawad became the poster boy of all Pakistani artists in India after the Indian Motion Picture Producers' Association caved in to political pressure and banned all Pakistani artists from working in Hindi films.

And why not? After all, he had starred in two big releases 'Kapoor and Sons' and 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil'.

Fawad is a reserved person, but recently opened up about the friends he has made in Bollywood, the ban on Pakistani artists, his future in Pakistani films and other issues.

In an hearfelt and candid interview to Pakistani website Dawn, Fawad revealed why he hadn't spoken up earlier about the issues plaguing the culture exchange between the two countries and the ban. 

Fawad Khan and wife Sadaf. File pic
Fawad Khan and wife Sadaf. File pic

The website quoted the actor as saying, "I'd rather speak less because I don’t consider myself a very intelligent person. So I think rather than being a victim of ‘foot-in-mouth’ disease one should refrain from talking as much as possible. I do tend to ramble and I can ramble with my friends and be expressive. But I feel... when you're on a public platform and you put something out there in front of people who don’t know you, they might just perceive it in a very different way altogether."

He added, "Some people may say it’s wrong and that you should stand up for what’s right, but my argument is: it’s all so grey, how can you say what’s right or wrong? You stand up for one thing and there will always be someone who’s an opponent of that idea."

He is at his diplomatic best while addressing the elephant in the room -- the ban on Pakistani artists in India over the release of his film 'ADHM'. He is quoted as saying, "The motto of my life is 'the best advice is no advice at all'. Yes, there’s a lot of sadness and grief in the world. But my belief is if one wants to take a stand on something, one must be very educated about it."

He does not belong to the current "Wikipedia generation", who "speak without knowing the entire situation". Instead, he feels, "It’s a very sad fact that people are not well-versed in subjects and tend to get into heated arguments without knowing the context of things. I’ve been a victim of that myself. If I’m going to talk about something, I need to be educated about it and I need to have seen all the perspectives."

Karan Johar

Karan Johar

The actor also revealed that he's still in touch with his friends from Bollywood, but also revealed he was hurt by the entire incident. He said, "I'm still in touch with a lot of my friends there. Nothing’s really changed. Obviously, I’m not a man of steel in that people’s words don’t affect me. They might hurt me. But I am becoming immune to it as time goes by. I have no expectations from them, and that’s what I think has developed this camaraderie. Even if I don’t work with them ever again, I’ll still always have love and regard for them, and I assume that’s how they feel as well. That’s why we’re still in touch. We even make plans to meet, to catch-up.

Talking about his career, Fawad talked about starring as popstar Alamgir in the Pakistani film 'Albela Rahi'. He said, "I think popstar Alamgir’s life is just very interesting. I feel some of the greatest content comes out of bio pics, out of the lives of real people. For those who know about Alamgir’s life, well, he’s had a very dramatic life. I’ve not stepped into the shoes of a real life character in my earlier work. But yes, I’ve tried to – or maybe it’s just happened - that the work I’ve done has been different from what I’d done previously."

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