PC Sorcar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a magician

Updated: Dec 07, 2016, 15:29 IST | Wriddhaayan Bhattacharyya |

Legendary PC Sorcar opens up about everyone from the Prime Minister to Donald Trump, ahead of his show

Magician PC Sorcar will unleash his tricks on Mumbaikars with a series of performances for four days around the city
Magician PC Sorcar will unleash his tricks on Mumbaikars with a series of performances for four days around the city

As a magician, he is an astute conjurer but as an artiste, garnering tricks up his sleeve for five decades, PC Sorcar believes it is wit that binds his science. When not on stage, the legend is a humble Bengali who admires sports and politics. “If I have to express myself emotionally, I prefer talking in Bengali,” he says in his signature, crackling voice. Before unlocking his secrets (hidden in the most unlikely places) with a series of performances in the city, the 70-year-old opened up about his vanishing acts. Excerpts from an interview.

How can one be a magician?
The birth of magic is in the mind of spectators. It isn’t born with the magician or on stage. Realism, 3-D positions and science team up to make magic. A sense of wit is just as important. If you see a musician playing well, you will say he is good; if he is even better, you will call him magnificent but if he beats all levels, he will be known as a magician. We have a magician in all spheres — cricket, football, art and culture. It is a wise man’s art. Magic today is science tomorrow.

You are a scientist too...
No, I am an artiste playing the role of a magician.

How did you make the Taj Mahal vanish in broad daylight?
It is optical illusion. How do we see things? It is from the light rays reflected from a particular object that hit our retina in a straight line. All I do is bend the rays through a laser beam by altering the refractive index. I stop the rays from reaching the eyes and hence, the subject disappears temporarily. It doesn’t die a physical death.

What is the basic requisite to perform this trick?
We match our scenery with inner thoughts and experiences. If it doesn’t merge with what we had imagined, it will be an unknown subject. I try to disappear subjects that people know and are visible.

Like you had made a train disappear...
Absolutely. But there must be enough space between the object and the subject. Otherwise, the heat that I generate can kill people.

If given a chance, who would you make invisible in today’s world?
I would make the terrible politicians disappear. I still say that I want the Parliament to vanish, I am working on it (laughs). But Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also a magician, working towards development.

You have also cycled blindfolded in Europe. How?
Being a doctorate in applied psychology, I can look through ears and fingers. A mother always knows that the child is hungry or is about to cry.

Did you change content of your shows to engage today’s youth?
Since the generation changed, I believe the content is new to them. It is how you sauce it up, add some vegetables to rustle up a new story.

At 70, how do you continue to have a fan following among kids?
PC Sorcar is there in front of their eyes and also, in their imagination. I am a fan of the fictional Sorcar too.

Do you still believe that you will be alive for 123 years?
I wanted 125 years. Since people are so jealous, I let two years go.

How are you planning your life?
By saying, 1,2 and 3 (laughs).

On: November 25-28, 8 pm
At: Vishnudas Bhave Natyagruha, Sector 16, opposite Vashi Bus Depot, Shivaji Chowk, Navi Mumbai.
Call: 27667879 
Cost: Rs 300 onwards

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