Pique will be Barcelona president and I'll be first lady one day: Shakira

Apr 18, 2014, 08:37 IST | A Correspondent

Colombian songstress Shakira believes her husband and Spanish defender Gerard Pique will spearhead the management of the Spanish club Barca, he is currently playing for

Pop star Shakira is 37 years old, while her husband and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique is just 26. However, the couple seem to have already planned Gerard’s future after he decides to hang up his boots. 

A few months ago, in an interview published by Bleacher Report, Piqué had said that he could possible end up becoming the chief administrator of the club he is currently playing for. “Who knows, maybe I’ll become the president of FCB one day,” he had said.

Shakira & Gerard Pique 

And now recently, when questioned about Pique’s comment, Shakira also admitted that she is looking forward to becoming the first lady at Barcelona.

“Gerard Piqué will be the Barcelona president one day and I’ll be the first lady,” said Shakira, mother of Gerard’s one-year-old son Milan. The defender has quite a few years of football ahead of him. However, he could do well if he focused on his role a bit more, given Barcelona’s defence suddenly seems to have become their major drawback.

Shakira. Pics/Getty images 

Besides, Pique has a World Cup just around the corner too (June 13), where he could be entrusted with the responsibility of manning the defence for defending champions Spain!

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