Play it for Parsi new year

Aug 09, 2015, 06:40 IST | sunday mid day team

Three rib-tickling comedies to keep your evenings free for, between August 17 and 23

It’s Parsi New Year on August 18, which means the city’s theatres will celebrate with some of the best stage performances that come with the slapstick humour that Parsi plays are known for. The best part? Each play has two shows, which means — and we have worked this out — you don’t really have to choose. The only hitch is, they are in Parsi Gujarati, but we reckon if you’ve lived in Mumbai for over a year, you’ll get the hang of it.

Tirangi Tehmul
This play is an adaptation of the English play, Boeing Boeing, about a young man juggling three girlfriends — all air hostesses, living in the same house. Sounds like a film? Watch it on stage.
Cast: Danesh Irani, Danesh Khambata, Pheroza Modi, Parinaz Jal, Pervez Mehta
When: August 18 and 23
Where: NCPA and Y B Chavan Auditorium, respectively
Entry: Rs 300-1,000 and Rs 150-600
Call: 43222701

Tirangi Tehmul

Jah Jov Tah Baira
The title translates into ‘Wherever you look, you see women’. Roshan Tirandaz, the play’s producer and directer, says the play is about a young man who lies to his boss that he’s married and has kids in order to get a job at the company. One day, the boss decides to pay a visit. What happens next?
Cast: Rohinton Patel, Arian Mehta and Benaifer Bilimoria
When: August 17 and 18, 7.15 pm
Where:  Tejpal Auditorium and Rang Sharda, respectively
Entry: Rs 150-700 (for both)
Call: 9820249008

Maro Line Toh Tabiyet Fine
When a young couple responds to a newspaper advertisement that promises Rs 1 lakh for Rs 50,000, they realise that the investment will cost them their peace of mind, and a lot of money.
Cast: Rumy Zarir, Huzan Wadia, Marzban Bhesania, Meiron Damania, Dinyar Contractor and others
When: August 18 and 23
Where: Nehru Centre and Rang Sharda respectively
Entry: Rs 100-500 (for both)
Call: 9820707415

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