Posh Mumbai club's restaurant serves dead fly in spinach soup

Jul 14, 2015, 10:12 IST | Varun Singh

The dead housefly was allegedly found by a club member’s daughter in the spinach soup served in one of the restaurants in the club; membership of the NSCI club costs Rs 35-50 lakh

Members of the National Sports Complex of India, Worli, who were being reduced to tears last year because one of the club’s restaurants was not serving complimentary slices of onions with chhole bhature, are now flying off the handle because a dead housefly was served up for free, this time with a bowl of spinach soup.

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The member’s daughter had already consumed more than half of the soup when she spotted this dead housefly
The member’s daughter had already consumed more than half of the soup when she spotted this dead housefly

Membership of the club, costs between Rs 35 lakh and Rs 50 lakh and when a member brought the matter to the notice of the club’s president, he allegedly asked, “What can I do about this?”

On Saturday evening, a member’s daughter was having spinach soup at one of the restaurants in the club when she found a dead fly in it. While she began vomiting, another member approached the president of the club, who allegedly shrugged off responsibility.

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While the president claims he has already reprimanded the staff and asked them to be careful in the future, club members are slugging it out over the issue on social media.

A Facebook post by one of the members, who does not wish to be named, read: “Dear members, one more incident of sheer callousness & utter unhygienic conditions prevailing in the club’s kitchen under the stewardship of our most ‘competent’ convenor, along with utter disregard on the part of the President of our club.

Last night, around 10 pm, I was called upon by a member to look into an incident relating to the food served at Round The Corner (RTC). You will be shocked to know that his daughter was disgusted to find a dead fly in the soup which she had half consumed.

She was so nauseated that she started vomiting.” “I immediately called upon the catering supervisor since none of the catering bigwigs were around, as usual. The supervisor admitted to catering staff negligence and promised to nullify the aggrieved member’s bill.

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I later happened to meet the President Jayantilal Shah in the bar and since no other Committee member was around, I immediately briefed him about the incident. ‘What can I do about this? Why are you telling me all this?’ was his retort,” the post added.

Been there
This is not the first time that the club is facing an issue related to its service. mid-day had reported in November last year how members were disgruntled that they were not being served onions with chhole bhature at the New Delhi chapter of the club (‘Mumbai sports club members cry over extra charge for onion’, November 26, 2014).

When mid-day contacted the member whose daughter had allegedly been served the soup with the housefly in it, he said, “The complaint from my side has been made to the management and this is an issue related to hygiene, which becomes an even more important factor during the monsoons. I do not wish to say anything more.”

Viren Shah, a member of the club who is aware of the issue, said, “A complaint in this regard has been registered with the management. This is an internal matter of the club and we will sort it out internally.”

The other side
NSCI president Jayantilal Shah admitted that the incident happened, but denied being rude to any member. He said, “I have asked the club staff to be more careful. We have a total of 20,000 members and all these allegations are made by some people with vested interests. I do not wish to get into the details, but such an incident will never happen again.

Meds too
On July 9, mid-day had reported on a Sion marketing executive finding a dead fly in her multivitamin pill. The executives of the company, after apologising, had allegedly offered to give her 100 more of the same pills for free.

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