Post marriage, Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa to go on one month honeymoon break

Updated: 19 November, 2017 09:29 IST | Gayatri Nirmal | Mumbai

The power couple of television - comedienne Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa - is all set to tie the knot on December 3. While ahead of their marriage,  the couple was narrating their story to us

Post marriage, Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa to go on a one month honeymoon break
Haarsh Limbachiyaa and Bharti Singh

The power couple of television - comedienne Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa - is all set to tie the knot on December 3. While ahead of their marriage, the couple was narrating their story to us, their sweet love relationship was clearly transparent. With lovable photoshoots, web series, song launch and so many other things, they both looked completely ecstatic. The duo also poured the kind of feelings they were going prior marriage and revealed their honeymoon plans.

Excerpts from the interview:

From your wedding announcement to your photo shoot and wedding card, everything has a fun element, which has won many hearts. So, whose idea was it, because with this you are also staying true to your name 'laughter queen'?
It was Haarsh's idea. Initially, he wanted a court marriage done and then throw a reception party. But, being a comedy artist, I have performed in so many weddings and I wanted to give my friends as well, the chance to dance in my wedding, be it Maneish Paul or Krushna Abhishek. Then there are many fans of us on Facebook, Instagram and other wise. So, we wanted to come up with something, through which the wedding could reach up to them. Then we came up with the idea of recording our entire wedding and turning it into a web series, which will be of minimum ten episodes. With time, the ideas kept on increasing and we shot a song, which will release soon, and did a photoshoot at Sula Vineyards.

Tell us about yours and Haarsh's outfit?
I still can't fathom the truth that Neeta Lulla, who has designed for huge A-list actresses and models, is designing for me. I am shocked thinking that I might get to hear that my outfit isn't ready. "Now, it's a task for Neeta ji, because at one go, she has to prepare a dress for three people because you know my size. When I came to meet Neeta, she briefed me very accurately according to my preferences and likes. Within a few minutes, there she was, all ready with the sketch of my gown. Now, I understand the difference. TV designers send you photos and rough sketches before making the gown and then prepare a design. There are many others, who directly handover the attire to you and command, 'You have to wear this.' I am extremely excited to wear Neeta Lulla's creation, I feel as though I'm going for Miss Universe.

Is it true that your wedding outfit was ready, but had to again get it altered because of your drastic weight loss?
Yeah, it's true. I haven't started going to the gym regularly, it's occasional. However, I do cardio. Green tea is something that I swear by. It is Haarsh's idea that whatever I eat, I should balance it out by drinking green tea. Even if you're having two biscuits, follow it up with green tea.

Any particular specifications you had for your outfit?
It's always a task to design clothes for people on the healthier side. They look at other slim girls and ask for such outfits. Even the designer might think that I'll make it but it won't do justice. But Neeta made me feel very special saying that it is my day and I have to look the best. This advice itself motivated me to lose weight.

What is the first ceremony?
In Punjabis, Bangle ceremony is the first one, for which, again Neeta Lulla is designing it for me. The bride's friends get green and red coloured bangles for her. When that bangle set is removed, the traditional lac bangles are put on. I'm very excited for these receptions.

Are you both personally looking into yours and Haarsh's wedding attire?
He is so engrossed in his work that I have to keep reminding him that we are getting married. I keep telling him that I am wearing a renowned designer's creation, what about your attire. He'll say take similar to whatever you are wearing. He is least interested. Even when I'll ask him to accompany me while buying diamonds etc. he'll just give me his card and money. I have seen so many husbands and boyfriends who keep waiting outside the dressing room and guide them with the choices. Haarsh isn't that way. He'll just say, 'You loved it, then take it'. I hope lifetime he remains the same and keeps handing over his card and money to me. Rarely, do we get such husbands.
Haarsh: Even if I say anything, ultimately she'll take whatever she likes. So, there's no point suggesting anything.
Bharti: You have so much experience with it, are you sure it's your first wedding?

Who is more romantic? You, or Haarsh?
Bharti: Haarsh is more romantic and I am funny. Even when he says something out of love, I end up laughing because that is my zone. He's also very caring. Keeps asking amidst the wedding preparation, you aren't taking care of yourself, neither are you eating anything.
Haarsh: Yes, I am against her dieting. I keep telling her, 'Don't diet, eat normal food. Just balance it out with green tea. A liquid diet is not good.'

Before marriage, girls as well as guys, both go through different emotions. What kind of feelings are you both going through?
In Haarsh's mind and heart, there are two shows, which have got passed by the channel. So, he's thinking what else he can do about it, the following procedure with the channel and etc. And I'm worried about whether my dress is ready or not, my jewellery, shoes, are everything ready. Everybody keeps asking what feelings are you going through. But, honestly, there aren't any kind of feelings. When the work will be done, it's then that the feelings might arise. Once everything gets sorted, the last ten days, I'll be relaxing.

Are you going to take a post-wedding break?
Haarsh: Yes, we are. And it's because of this that I'm trying to wrap up my work faster.
Bharti: We are going on a one month Europe trip. I've given him an ultimatum of not even answering the phone.

Why Goa, any particular reason?
Both Haarsh and me, we really love Goa. We didn't want our guests to get bored thinking that they have to go to the wedding just for the sake of it. Goa is a destination, where everyone would love to come. It'll be a three-day vacation for our friends and guests.

Any particular theme for the wedding?
No, people can wear whatever they like.

Are you planning to throw a reception party here in Mumbai?
Not at all because our near and dear ones shall reach there anyhow. (Jokes)

First Published: 18 November, 2017 17:16 IST

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