Premier League aces use BBM to exchange women for sex

May 25, 2012, 19:41 IST | ANI

A group of Premier League footballers have set up secret groups on their mobiles to pass around naked and topless photos of women they have had sex with.

Between ten and 15 aces, many with wives or girlfriends, are in the BlackBerry Messenger groups. Those involved view snaps of unwitting women, then contact any they like the look of.

At least four top soccer stars involved in the secret sex ring have represented England, The Sun reported.

Those in the two sleazy groups, which the players have dubbed Brotherhood and Hoodratz, also delight in passing on phone numbers and addresses for the unwitting women, who are often soccer “groupies.”

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“It’s a very select group of trusted players who are all interested in the same thing,” a source said.

“Obviously it would be a disaster if any of them got caught because many of them have wives or girlfriends,” the source added.

According to reports, one member of the group bought a secret handset to prevent his partner from unearthing his sordid antics.

Meanwhile a big-name boxer was also allowed entry to the clandestine “club” .

Both Brotherhood and Hoodratz have been in operation for at least six months.

“Members of the group upload pictures of their conquests and include phone numbers and details of where they live. The idea is that the other players can scroll through the pictures, upload comments and contact the girls if they like the look of them.

“The groups have been going since last year and there are more than 40 photos, women of all ages. A lot of the pictures are snaps the girls have taken of themselves and sent to the players. They are usually topless and some are naked.

“The players then put comments like, ‘Wow!’ or ‘She’s hot’. But the girls have no idea that their photos are being passed around all these other footballers to leer at.

“The girls are the type who target footballers in nightclubs and bars. It sounds awful but they’re basically easy sex. They’re from Birmingham, London, Manchester, all over England.

“If a player from the North is going to be in London, he can pick one of the girls to make contact with so he has some company. The only proviso is that the player must not discuss the group with the girl or anyone, and must not reveal how he got her number.

“The groups are strictly invite-only. They have to be as many are top Premier League stars and discretion is key,” the source added.

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