Priest's marriage dream goes up in smoke

Jun 11, 2016, 09:04 IST | Faisal Tandel

A family from Navi Mumbai rejected the proposal of a 33-year-old from Kalyan as his flat was filled with smoke from the Aadharwadi dumping ground fire

Where there is smoke, there is fire but in the case of 33-year-old Kalyan resident Amol Joshi, where there is smoke, there is rejection of marriage proposal. Family of a prospective bride-to-be rejected Amol, a priest, as their flat was filled with smoke due to the Aadharwadi dumping ground fire that broke out on May 30.

Amol Joshi
Amol Joshi

Amol, who lives at 400-metre distance from the dumping ground, says every morning he wakes not to see a sea view but a foul smelling dumping ground. But despite this he was content, until Wednesday, when a prospective marriage proposal slipped out of his hand due to the dumping ground smoke.

He has completed his TYBCom from Agarwal College in Kalyan and lives with his 58-year-old father. After his mother died a few months ago, his family began looking for a match for Amol to get a girl home who could take care of the house.

Amol said on May 27, one of his relatives told him that they had found him the right girl. “They had found a girl named Kulkarni from Navi Mumbai, who is a Std XII pass and works in a private firm. We then contacted the family and started the process,” said Amol while adding that he has been very depressed since the rejection and is trying to recover.

He said he was very happy the day their horoscopes matched. “We cleared the first stage when luckily our kundalis (horoscopes) matched. The second stage was when the family members and relatives were to visit our residence,” said the priest.

But when the girl’s family came, they weren’t too happy with the smoke-filled flat. “June 2 was the third day after the fire broke out and the whole area was filled with smoke. When they visited our place, they started complaining of smoke. Though they were happy with the flat, they returned disappointed due to the smoke,” added Amol.

A day later they began asking us to shift from that place as with a dumping ground nearby fires will be a recurring feature. “For a week, the discussion went on, in which they asked us to move. We had shifted in to this flat in 2003 and purchased it for Rs 3.5 lakh. Normally there is not so much smoke in the area, but the smoke from this fire spread, managed to ruin my dreams as they finally withdrew the proposal,” Amol said.

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