Rakesh Roshan takes inspiration from son Hrithik, becomes a fitness freak

Sep 25, 2017, 20:01 IST | Upala KBR

Whipping himself to shape with a daily two-hour regimen that combines weight training with cardio, the 11-kilo lighter filmmaker Rakesh Roshan, chronicles his toil for mid-day

Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik Roshan

It appears that Hrithik Roshan has more than his good looks to thank father Rakesh Roshan for. He has inherited his love for a healthy lifestyle from the filmmaker. Weeks after the actor's sister, Sunaina's 60 kg weigh loss following a surgery and strict diet regime, another inspiring report emerges from the Roshan household.

Roshan senior, we hear, has been keeping away from the limelight and hitting the gym to shed excess weight. "It's not been an easy process," he tells mid-day, as he chronicles his toil, which comprises an hour-long walk, followed by a 60 to 90-minute bout of weight training. "It took me a lot of time to arrive at where I am today," an 11-kilo lighter Roshan says. "I work out for one-and-a-half to two hours every day. First, I walk for one hour, and then lift weights with my trainer in tow. I lost the weight very slowly, taking about eight to nine months to reach here."

Roshan senior's love for fitness, one might assume, is newfound. But, the filmmaker, 68, credits his athletic upbringing for keeping health a priority. "I have been exercising for many years," he says, adding, "I stayed in a boarding school, where, I was into horse riding, hockey, swimming and basketball. I was always athletic. Today, my entire family focusses on being physically fit. In fact, all of us, including my granddaughter Suranika [Sunaina's daughter], work out every day. Based on our schedule, we either train together, or separately with our individual trainers. We have a mini gym in the house and have a lot of fun working out together."

While he acknowledges that it was his actor-friend Jeetendra who inspired him to tweak his routine for better results, pointing out that "if he can do it [stay fit], so can I," Roshan has his son to thank for guiding him throughout the process. "He is always around while I'm working out, and is quick to correct my trainer if he doesn't agree with what is being done. I've also learnt the importance of eating the right food. I have my dinner by 7 pm, sleep by 11 pm, and wake up early. I don't take protein supplements, but am also careful to avoid carbs like sugar, rice and chapatis. I consume food rich in protein, apart from eating a lot of vegetables."

Roshan 2.0 is not only thinner, but also flaunts muscles that boast of his labour, making us wonder if an impending return to the big screen had a role to play in this journey. "If I return to films, it will be with a Hollywood outing, because in the West, I can be signed on as a young hero and get paired opposite a pretty girl, but, in Bollywood, that won't happen."

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