Residents of Virar society poured acid on dog to kill it: Animal lover

Jul 05, 2014, 08:34 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

Madhvi Mandavkar alleges that members of Radha-Krishna society have brutally killed seven dogs, including a newborn pup, in the last three months

A series of brutal killings of stray dogs at Radha-Krishna housing society in Virar (East) has been troubling a family of animal lovers living there. While the family alleges that other members of the society are conducting the heinous acts, society members claim it is the work of outsiders.

Radha-Krishna society
Residents of Radha-Krishna society in Virar allege that Madhvi Mandavkar brings stray dogs to their premises and they bite visitors. 

According to animal lover Madhvi Mandavkar, around seven stray dogs, including a newborn puppy, have been killed in the society — near Morya Nagar at Manvel Pada — in the last three months. However, other members of the society claim that only two dogs have died, and that too after sustaining injuries outside the society.

One of the stray dogs who was injured. Pics/Kaushik Thanekar
One of the stray dogs who was injured. Pics/Kaushik Thanekar

“Around seven dogs have been brutally killed. The reason why I suspect foul play by residents is because they have always opposed my taking care of stray animals even when none of the dogs have ever caused any problems to them,” said Madhvi, who, along with her son and daughter, has been staying in the society for the last ten years.

Resident Ravindra Gharat said the allegations that society members are killing dogs are false
Resident Ravindra Gharat said the allegations that society members are killing dogs are false

Madhvi claims one of the seven dogs was killed by pouring acid on its body, while another was injured badly after being hit on the head by a heavy object. The dog, now paralysed, is in the family’s care.

Following the incident, the family approached city-based NGO SARRP (Spreading Awareness on Reptiles and Rehabilitation Programme. “We met the family last month. We were shocked to see that one of the dogs that Madhvi had kept in the house was badly injured. It seemed that the dog was deliberately hit on its back several times, and it was almost paralysed,” said Kaushalendra Dubey, a volunteer from SARRP.

On Friday, when mid-day visited the premises, society members claimed that the animal lover’s family, which was looking after the stray dogs, was causing trouble for the other residents. They allege there have been many cases of the dogs biting visitors.

Ravindra Gharat, a society member, said, “We love animals, and the allegations that people from the society are hitting and killing the dogs are false. We are not against keeping pets, but the family brings dogs from the road, which is a cause of concern for society members.”

Residents allege that Madhvi was also responsible for the filthy condition of the premises, as she brings stray dogs to the society to feed them. “If she is as fond of dogs as she claims, she should take them inside her house and then feed them, rather than dirty the society premises,” said a female resident.

Society members have written letters to the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation’s health department, and the tehsildar, complaining about the family of dog lovers.

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