Robert Thicke's mother hated Miley Cyrus' VMA performance

Aug 29, 2013, 08:15 IST | PTI

Miley Cyrus's sexually charged collaboration with Robert Thicke during MTV VMAs had many raised eyebrows and the musician's mother Gloria Loring seems to share the disgust with other parents who tuned in for the award show

Cyrus, 20, collaborated with Thicke on his track 'Blurred Lines' and the twerk-happy star was seen dancing provocatively around the singer, something Loring could not stomach, according to Yahoo!. "I was not expecting her to be putting her butt that close to my son. The problem is now I can never unsee it," Loring said. "Him? Loved it. 

Miley Cyrus performs with Robin Thicke at VMA 2013
Miley Cyrus performs with Robin Thicke at VMA 2013. Pic/AFP

I love that suit, the black and white suit. I don't understand what Miley Cyrus is trying to do. I just don't understand. I think she's misbegotten in this attempt of hers. And I think it was not beneficial," she added. Cyrus clearly managed to hijack the night from Lady Gaga who gave night's another R-rated performance.

And the act has clearly paid off for the young star, whose album, 'Bangerz" shot to No 5 on iTunes album sales chart following the performance. She generated unprecedented 306,100 tweets-per-minute, according to MTV, making Cyrus very happy.

"Smilers! My VMA performance had 306.000 tweets per minute. That's more than the blackout or Superbowl! #fact," she tweeted. But her racy act angered the Parents Television Council in the US, which filed a complaint against the channel, claiming that the show should not have been rated as suitable for 14-year-olds 

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