RWITC chairman, Vivek Jain says, 'Money offered for votes'

Updated: Sep 13, 2017, 12:11 IST | Hemal Ashar | Mumbai

Is Vivek Jain, who walked out from the committee, right about his accusations or is these sour grapes of a sore loser?

Vivek Jain speaks during the meet at the Mahalaxmi racecourse on Monday, shortly after which, he resigned. Pic/Sneha Kharabe
Vivek Jain speaks during the meet at the Mahalaxmi racecourse on Monday, shortly after which, he resigned. Pic/Sneha Kharabe

Former Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC chairman), Vivek Jain caused the biggest flutter in a while on the Turf, when he resigned from the turf club committee altogether, on Monday, September 11. Though Jain expectedly did not retain the chair that was expected. What was unexpected was resigning after being voted on to the committee by the member base, with 733 votes, coming fifth out of the nine who won seats on the committee.

For that resignation, Jain earned labels like sore loser, petulant child and cry baby. A day after the elections, Jain says e-votes may have been bought and cost him dearly.

The former turf club chairman takes questions

Why did you resign from the club committee?
Two of my three supporters lost, while the opposition won all seven seats. My own voting number was below par. I took that as loss of mandate and on a ground of principle, I ought to have resigned. We all know the backdoor plans to oust me as chairman.

You insulted the voter base, people voted for you to be on the committee...
Yes, you are right in a manner. But for once I would like members to put themselves in my position. There was a gang up, I was made to feel isolated and my holding on to strong beliefs would find no favour in the new dispensation. I am seen as an irritant by many on the committee.

You have earned the label of a 'cry baby' who could not stand coming out fifth (overall) in the elections.
I've been called worse than cry baby, so I can live with that. There was an all round effort to bring me down from No.1. Success breeds jealousy and coming first twelve times started irking many. I definitely did not resign because of losing the No 1 spot. It is a one day glory.

E-voting (called remote e-voting by the club, where members could vote on email) played a part in the elections...
I am clear that E voting played a huge role in the result. Passwords were being canvassed for en masse, friends were being cajoled to give away their passwords, and many told me they were offered money too for block votes! Positions were promised for barter of votes. Those in the know will vouch for it. But I'd rather not get into it. If members voted in person, without fear or favour, the result would have been very different. Of that I am 100 per cent sure.

These accusations are with some merit or are they just sour grapes?
No comment.

Can members be bought/persuaded this way?
No comment. I have not run away though but hope to use the year ahead to introspect my future at the turf club.

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