Ryan Giggs calls his brother after 4 years to apologise for affair with his wife

Apr 10, 2015, 08:13 IST | A Correspondent

Former Manchester United star calls his brother Rhodri after four years to apologise for eight-year affair with his wife Natasha

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs seems to be on the path to redemption. The footballer reached out to his brother Rhodri and apologised for his eight-year affair with the latter's ex-wife Natasha recently. The 41-year-old Wales star called Rhodri (38), and the two brothers are now trying to rebuild their relationship.

Ryan Giggs and brother Rhodri
Ryan Giggs and brother Rhodri 

A source told English tabloid The Sun, "Ryan rang Rhodri out of the blue a few weeks ago. Rhodri moved on a long time ago but was adamant Ryan had to make the first move as he was the one who had done wrong."

Brothers patch up
The brothers seem to have patched up given they were seen together with friends at a Manchester bar on Easter Sunday. An onlooker was quoted as saying, "They were sitting in the VIP area and looked like they were enjoying each other's company again."

The affair was first revealed in June 2011 when Rhodri's then wife Natasha admitted to having an eight-year relationship with the former footballer.

Rhodri Giggs ex-wife Natasha. Pic/Getty Images
Rhodri Giggs ex-wife Natasha. Pic/Getty Images 

Natasha also said she had aborted Ryan's baby just weeks before she got married to Rhodri in Las Vegas. Natasha's confession had come shortly after Ryan, now Manchester United's assistant manager, had admitted to an affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas.

In January 2012, Natasha had gone on Celebrity Big Brother and openly talked about the affair with her fellow housemates. Ryan currently lives with wife Stacey and their two children and is part of Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal's backroom staff.

Natasha left Rhodri
Natasha left Rhodri. The couple then tried to reconcile, but eventually divorced in 2013. While 32-year-old Natasha had a son last year with a new partner, Rhodri is now married and has a baby son with 24-year-old Ashleigh Turner.

Timeline of Giggs' affair...

> March 2003: Ryan and Natasha meet at a Manchester nightclub
> May 2003: Natasha begins dating Ryan’s brother
> September 2010: Natasha and Rhodri marry and Ryan has an affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas
> April 2011: Ryan and Natasha’s relationship ends
> June 2011: Natasha tells Rhodri about her eight-year affair with his brother Ryan
> January 2012: Natasha goes on Celebrity Big Brother and talks about her affair Ryan
> April 2013: Natasha files for divorce

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