Salem's lawyer to move EU to cancel his extradition treaty

Jul 16, 2013, 00:47 IST | A correspondent

Gangster Abu Salem, who was attacked in Taloja jail last month, will now seek the execution of the order of the constitutional court of Portugal, which had cancelled his extradition to India

“We will move the European Union (EU), the Portugal High Court, the supreme court and the constitutional court, which had cancelled the extradition. What are the authorities waiting for,” asked his Portuguese lawyer Manuel Luis Ferreira. 

Ferreira arrived in India on Sunday, and spoke to Salem for two hours. Ferreira said that Salem was depressed after the attack and they would now approach the EU. “We will move the EU as the Portuguese government is not doing anything. We will seek that EU should direct the Portugal government to take some steps for execution of order,” Ferreira said.

He added that the cases against Salem in India are prolonging without any conclusion.

“No decision is a bad decision and the major problem in the case is that there is no decision,” he said. 

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