School teacher pockets students' food allowance

Sep 12, 2012, 09:20 IST | Akela

Children claim that though she was given Rs 100 per child per day for an athletic meet in Kandivli, she kept them on a diet of a single vada pav and banana, causing them to feel nauseous and weak

More than 15 students from Kendriya Vidyalaya in Kanjurmarg have complained against their Physical Training (PT) teacher Sandhya Singh alleging that she kept them hungry while they participated in an athletic competition in Kandivli. Singh allegedly pocketed the money and provided them a single vada pav or banana each, causing them to experience nausea and weakness.

PT teacher Sandhya Singh
Hunger games: PT teacher Sandhya Singh is alleged to have kept students hungry while they participated in an athletic meet in Kandivli

Kendriya Vidyalaya in Kanjurmarg (West) is run by the Indian Army. According to the complaint, a copy of which is available with MiD DAY, more than 75 students participated in athletics competition at Kandivli on Aug 23-25. As per rules, the school provides Rs 100 per student per day as allowance. But students alleged that they were doled out a single vada pav and banana through the entire day.

More than eight students spoke to MiD DAY about the matter on condition of anonymity, fearing departmental action. All of them had the same complaint against their teacher.

“We travelled, participated in the competition and survived the entire day only on a single vada pav and banana. This made us sick. Many of us felt like vomiting,” said a student. The students also claimed that the vada pav which was provided to them was of poor quality.

“When I asked for an extra pav the teacher refused. We were hungry throughout the day,” said another student.

This is not the first time Singh allegedly pocketed money that she wasn’t entitled to. Last month, she asked students to hire a football coach of their choice. The students then hired a coach for 10 days. When the coach demanded payment, Singh allegedly asked him to take it from the students.

Some of the students approached vice-president of the Mumbai Youth Nationalist Congress Party, Sudhir Singh, who sent his representative to the school demanding action on Singh.

“As per the rule of Kendriya Vidyalaya teachers can only work for three to four years at a single school. But I was surprised to know that Singh has been working here for the past 12 years. The school administration must take action on Singh,” said Sudhir Singh.

The other side
“I have received a complaint orally this morning. Once I get it in writing, I will take necessary action on the teacher. The students are like our children,” said Sarita Naswa, principal of the school.

Rubbishing all the claims Singh said, “I never went to any event with students. Tell me the name of the students who have complained against me.” 

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