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Published: 27 October, 2011 07:14 IST | Priyanjali Ghose |

With sweet and spicy flavours, Bella Mooz, the one-month-old ice cream parlour promises to be a cheap and cheerful break from the regular ones

With sweet and spicy flavours, Bella Mooz, the one-month-old ice cream parlour promises to be a cheap and cheerful break from the regular ones

A new eatery on Church Street is no news. And with so many there, chances are high that you will overlook most of them, thus making it more challenging for the new ones to dish out something that will set them apart form the rest.

When we came to know that the new ice cream chain Bella Mooz has opened its first branch here a month ago, we thought it must be one of those regular ones. However, we were in for a pleasant surprise. On a rainy afternoon, we decided to stop by Bella Mooz for a quick icy bite.

With colorful posters of Bella (the girl) and Mooz (the cow), this tiny shop has a small seating area with few low tools and tables strewn around. The narrow balcony resembles the ones in forest bungalows and was the best place we could find to  settled ourselves and enjoy the desserts while listening to the pitter patter of rain drops.

Colourful and bright, Bella Mooze has a succinct menu comprising various types of smoothies, sundaes and scoops of flavours that originate from different parts of USA.  There are some interesting ones like Punkin Chunkin, a pumpkin flavoured ice cream named after the traditional American pumpkin hurling game, musk melon and pink guava among others. Also, they have Cookie UFO, which are nothing but chocolate chip and double chocolate cookies topped with ice cream of your choice. And the good news is that you can get these UFOs packed.

Cinnamon Scoop Pic/ Nikita Nagesh

We wanted to try out the ice cream cakes. But unfortunately it was not available. After tasting flavours with a mini spoon we finally decided on two cups of Cinnamon and Bitter Sweet Kao Kao priced at R 49 each. All the flavours are available in medium, large and value scoops. 

However, we opted for the medium one. The sweet and spicy Cinnamon won hands down while the Bitter Sweet Kao Kao was powdery and felt like the chocolate powders that are used to lure children to drink milk. But we loved the Reg Slurry Coffee Toffee (R 94).

A concoction of vanilla ice-cream shake and chocolate, the toffee bits in it makes it irresistible. The pieces we found at the bottom after finishing the drink added to our joy. Although we wanted to try some more flavours, the nip in the air prevented us. Not overtly sweet, it's for all those who love a little twist in their dessert. 

Inexpensive and well equipped, this ice-cream parlour, we believe will work best for their target group which they say is 'Kids Under 30.'

Bella Mooz
Food: good
Service: self
Ambience: cheerful
At Bella Mooz, 16/2, Church Street
Call 25593711
Meal for two Rs 200
Bella Mooz didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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