Seven comics to share the lighter side to a bad break-up at Valentine's Day gig

Updated: 11 February, 2018 10:12 IST | Nasrin Modak Siddiqi | Mumbai

Looking up your ex files always makes for a funny story. Seven comics from an upcoming gig share their tales with us

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The next you go out with a stand-up comedian, you better be nice, or they might just have their revenge - onstage. This Valentine's Day, you can get to see The Break-Up Special with Comedy Ladder, where seven comics are set to share the lighter, and possibly therapeutic, side to a bad break-up. We spoke to these young comics to ask them those important questions regarding dating and breaking-up. And, if you want to go ahead and plan a date with The Break-Up Special - give it a shot!

Neha Bobde

Hair this out
Neha Bobde
Best and worst: I wasn't waxed for my first date and I was anxious but, when I saw that he was hairier than me, I felt way better. The worst was this guy who asked me if I enjoyed the attention I got from boys at my college, where I studied mechanical engineering, and I said, 'No, they make me jealous because they have bigger b**bs than me.' Obviously the humour didn't go down too well with him!
The thing about breaking up is not having to dress up to impress someone. What I also don't get is how Indian boyfriends don't ditch you because you ugly - they do so because you're not of the same caste or his 'mom won't approve'.

Priyanka Gohil

Partnering thoughts
Priyanka Gohil
Best and worst: The best one was with my school time crush over chai and bun maska, chatting about our fears (he had a phobia of pigeons). Just that this date of ours was at a hospital when I was down with malaria. The worst was with this ex-colleague. Within 15 minutes of our date, we ran into his ex, who then calls their two common friends and they end up having a school reunion of sorts. Talk about date hijacking!
The thing about breaking up is that you learn what qualities you don't want in your partner but, what's worse is, that you relate to every song literally - you start appreciating bad music as well.

Priyanka Balwa

So someone wins
Priyanka Balwa
Best and worst: My date and I spent 13 hours barhopping, gate-crashing parties and not checking our phones. After which he said this was the best night of his life, but then ran away the week after to London for a year without telling me. His photos with a hot bikini model kept popping up on Instagram, while I was stuffing my face with chips. My gym made a ton loads of money. So did malls. Breakups are good for the economy!
The thing about breaking up are the drastic changes we bring in our lives - for some it's a haircut, for some it's taking up stand-up comedy.

Unnati Marfatia

Preach me baby one more time
Unnati Marfatia
Best and worst: Normal girls go on dates. My majors in psychology turned my dates into counselling sessions where men assume they can "open up" to me to discuss parental pressures and how to move on from their ex. And, if he wants free therapy, he ends up dating me!
The thing about breaking up is you can get a bizarre haircut and blame it on post-breakup stress. What's worse, you become that person on group chats that initiates plans.

Mukesh Manjunathan

On a running spree
Mukesh Manjunathan
Best and worst: I stole my boss's shoes for a date because I had worn cheap sandals. Funny how the entire office conspired to make that happen. My boss still doesn't know (until now, I guess). The worst was when I asked a girl to marry me in school. I had watched a lot of South Indian movies, so it made sense; she hadn't, so she ran away. Really fast.
The thing about breaking up is that the possibilities are endless. What's worse is finding out it's a big lie.

Rohan Parekh

Sleep on this
Rohan Parekh
Best and worst: The worst date was when I once went on a blind date that my friend had set me up on. Mid-date she excused herself to use the rest room. And I had to have a meal for two that night. I should have known better!
The thing about breaking up is you finally get to catch up on that much needed sleep - no more late night conversations that never end because, "You hang up... No you hang up!" Also, as a stand-up comic, I get a lot of new material to talk about on stage!

Trupti Khamkar

Pen this thought
Trupti Khamkar
Best and worst: I have never been on a great date. All have failed. But, in hindsight, the worst ones have become the best now because I get applauded for every line about them in my standup set.
The thing about breaking up is it's like chucking your old homework book to pick a fresh one (#suckerforstationary). Just the idea of a new notebook makes me want to dump a man.

When: February 14, 8.30 pm
Where: Studio Mojo, Kane Plaza, Chincholi Bunder Road, off Link Road, Malad (W)
Entry: Rs 250
Call: 9619964635

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