'Sex attacks, sex diversions and sex sabotage' on England footballers

Jun 15, 2012, 15:10 IST | ANI

England footballers are expected to face a flock of stripped girls at Friday's important clash with Sweden, as a group of around 300 women are protesting over how the Euro Cup has triggered an explosion in Ukraine's prostitution industry.

Activists from a group called Femen have even blamed the government and UEFA chiefs of profiting from the high ceilinged vice trade.

A British journalist visited their headquarters, and spotted maps with arrows pinpointing where the police and England fans will be located during the match.

The group’s leader, Inna Shevchenko, said the only motive behind organizing such a big tournament in Ukraine was to make money of prostitution.

FEMEN activist

An activist of the Ukranian feminist group FEMEN. Photo: AFP

“We are planning sex attacks, sex diversions, sex sabotage. I cannot give details. But what happened with my country during the last two or three months of preparation for Euro 2012 is really terrible,” The Daily Star quoted Shevchenko, as saying.

“Now in Kiev, for example, we have more brothels and strip clubs than pharmacies. Here in Ukraine, women are really beautiful but at the same time poor and not educated. It is really easy for them to earn money within the sex industry,” she added.

“Honestly, I think it is one of the main reasons to organize such a big championship in a country like Ukraine. They have only one goal: To earn money, and in the Ukraine, they can do it easily using Ukrainian women as sex slaves,” she said.

Shevchenko further said the government is trying to make money of prostitution during the Euros, and added that naked protests have only one intention behind it i.e. to pass their message.

“Organizers of Euro 2012 and the Ukrainian government. They are trying to stimulate the development of the sex business,” she said.

“We try to attract people using our nudity, but to attract them not to our body but to our idea, our message. And it is working,” she added.

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