Sex toys for couples to be available on drugstores

Mar 08, 2013, 13:28 IST | ANI

Vibrators may soon find a place among other banal appliances on the drugstore shelf

The Canadian company behind the We-Vibe, a newfangled sex toy for couples, has revealed that it's currently negotiating with a major U.S. drugstore chain to distribute the139-dollar device, the Huffington Post reported.

Danny Osadca, CEO of Standard Innovation, the Ottawa-based company that makes the We-Vibe said he doesn’t see why the sex toy wouldn’t be looked at in the same wholesome category as other upscale drugstore consumer electronics.

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The company first launched the We-Vibe, the first high-end vibrator to be designed specially for use by two people, in 2008. It's since gone from startup to 40 million dollars in sales, powered by the new take on the sex toy.

Currently available for sale in sex-toy shops and online, the We-Vibe is a pliable, C-shaped clip. A woman can wear it snugly around her pubic bone during sex for a little extra buzz in all the right places, and it leaves her partner plenty of space for his or her part in the missionary, and other, activity.

The We-Vibe has been the best-selling device for Toys In Babeland, a high-end sex-toy boutique, since 2011.

Now, Standard Innovation is expanding into new international markets, such as Russia and South America.

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